Monday, September 30, 2013

July and August (yes I'm behind!)

Happy 4th of July!  What's that you say?  It's almost October?  I guess I have some catching up to do.  We spent the 4th with dear friends....shot off some fireworks and then went to the Fort to catch their public show. 
 Loving the fireworks, hating the noise.
 Our last 2 zucchini before cut worms killed both our plants :(  It was a sad day.  We do have tomatoes, basil, and peppers a-plenty though.  Praise God!
At the end of July, we took our Youth Group on a one week mission trip to the Navajo reservation in Dilkon, AZ.  We hosted a vacation Bible school for over 50 kids in the mornings and updated and worked on the church and surrounding buildings in the afternoon.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  The kids (young and old) had a blast and God showed His faithfulness through and through.

 This is AZ (like daisy without the d) our new dog, who gets her name from Arizona where we got her.  The girls (ours and the Youth) thought we needed a dog and begged and pleaded and tried to get 5000 Facebook "likes" to bring her home.  They only got 73 but we love the girls (ours and the Youth) and so she rode home on the bus with us and is part of our family.  I didn't have dogs growing up (my mom is cat lover :)), but I'd say she is one of the best :)  
 We repainted the guest house on the church grounds (from blue to tan) and re-made their sign.  This is the old one.  
 Keeping busy on the bus.
 Scraping, fixing, and repainting some church steps.
 Hadley, the photographer...
 The newly painted house...
 The new sign...
 Our bus broke down on the way home, but we got it fixed (for free), ate at an incredible mexican restaurant while we waiting (seriously...tiny little town, some of the best food I have ever had), and God once again took care of us.
 Sombrero ice cubes at the restaurant.  It's the little things that make it all worth while :)
A big milestone in the Huber family...after 7.5 years of marriage, we bought a house!  It was the one we were living in, but still exciting.  We painted some walls to break it in....more to come on that.
The Curious George exhibit at the Crown Center in Kansas City.  
 She threw this corn at me right when I took the picture....
 In August, Andy's parents moved from San Antonio, TX to Longview, TX.  We went down to help them move...and go to Sea World...but mostly to help with the move.
 Sea World....
Uncle Ben came too!
 In the afternoon we hit the water park now open at Sea was amazing in the water since TX in August is pretty warm....
 Our dear friends, the Castillos, who recently moved from Leavenworth to San Antonio joined us at Sea World and dinner that night.  One thing about living in a military town is lots of good-byes.  It is nice to know, though, that we have friends all over the world :) ....we just miss them!
 We have a dog park in town (which we didn't know about prior to having a dog) which AZ loves to visit.  
 And last, Hadley's first day of pre-school!  She is growing up too fast!  We celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend.  We love her and are reminded often that she's not our sweet baby girl anymore....she's our sweet big girl :)