Thursday, February 4, 2016

School, snow, and Christmas

The girls LOVE science and art.
Walk Through Bethlehem at our church brought the largest crowd yet.  
Nana and Papa were able to come and then we had Christmas craft morning the next day :)
Bowling with friends :)
A new tradition we are going to continue because it was awesome....1937 Night!  Kansas got electricity in lights or phones or TV or anything they wouldn't have had back then.  It was so fun!  We played games and enjoyed each other company by candlelight.    
The girls first experience with "the ballet."  Joni said it was boring but she couldn't take her eyes off the stage the whole time so the verdict is still out :)
And our first snow...
Caroling with the Youth Group
And their Christmas choir performance at church...
Decorating cookies with friends...
Christmas Eve service....
Christmas morning in our Christmas sweats.
Jesus' birthday cupcakes.

We have a big New Year's Eve party (Extravaganza) for the Youth Group every year and this year we set up an Escape Room (you get locked in a room and using keys and clues, have to find a way to unlock the door and get out).  Hadley is super into them and so we let them go through the room we set up so they could enjoy too.  It was a hit!
My parents came for a few days after Christmas and we so enjoyed them being here.  My mom snapped this sweet girls.  
We went shopping...before
...and after :)
Andy and Opa went to see Star Wars with friends and the girls went to the Good Dinosaur.  
One of my most favorite memories growing up is watching America's Funniest Videos with my dad.  His laugh is contagious.  It became even more special when we lived with them and I watched it with Andy and him.  Now the girls are fans...we have a video of them watching AFV.  So great.
Love to you all!