Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday and I am only on the ball getting these pictures up because grandparents are dying to see their grand-babies in their Easter dresses! But first things first, we colored eggs the night before. Jo didn't really help but we wanted her to be in one shot since this was her 1st Easter!
She actually did a pretty good job. She was very careful to lower each egg into the water with the little egg holders and then she got to put stickers on them all....which she loved.
Dad helped too.
The finished products.
Just out of bed...can't you tell? We got a monkey for Hadley's basket/bucket and a lamb for Jo. Nana and Papa and Oma and Opa sent us some great Easter care-packages (THANK YOU THANK YOU) with fun toys and candy and things. We also added some of that stuff to their Easter morning fun.
Jo loving her lamb.
Opening her eggs . . . every . . . single . . . one.
These were from Nana....too cute.
Sweet Jo.
These have a button you push that turns on lights and makes it spin....anyways, Jo can turn it on by herself now and loves playing with it, and sucking on it, and watching it and pushing the button.
The family dressed in their Sunday best.
This is Ms. Ruth, Hadley's teacher at church whom we LOVE!
So, we woke up to a down-pour Sunday morning and it continued to dump until church was almost over. We were supposed to have an egg hunt but it got canceled because of the rain. However, since it wasn't raining, someone threw a couple eggs about and a few of the kiddos got to go pick them up. The biggest surprise.....Hadley's dress didn't get dirty AT ALL....ALL DAY!!!!
So we ate a lot yesterday. We had a carry-in for breakfast at the church, then we went to our friend's house for lunch and this was the spread. It was delicious. Ham and kabobs and rice and mashed potatoes and beans and well you can was wonderful!
These were the desserts....I made the egg nests on the right and a banana cream pie and a peanut butter cream pie too (both from scratch)! I know, and you all thought I couldn't boil water. :)
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! Christ is Risen...He's Risen Indeed!
Love to you all!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Trip North

Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height....that's all I know. Anyways, last week we had a crazy windy day (no, nothing that would rival WY) and so we went the Dollar Store and bought two kites for $1. I'm not sure if the wind was blowing too hard or the fact that each kite was $.50 (high quality as they were) but try as we may, we never got the things off the ground. In fact, both ripped apart after like 30 minutes. Hadley had fun chasing them though and Anthon (a boy from our church who hangs out with us sometimes) had fun trying to get them up.
The next day (Thursday), we drove to Milwaukee again to visit Nana and Papa. We were able to take our time on the way there and stopped by to see dear friends (2 sets!) who we know from Laramie but now live in southern Indiana. Thanks again Hutchesons and Johnsons for the wonderful food and wonderful fellowship! Janet is working in Madison, WI right now and didn't know we were coming. We drove over to see her first thing Friday morning. SURPRISE (even though she had an idea something was up :))
Then we went to the Madison Children's Museum. Hadley had a blast, of course, and Joni even is old enough to enjoy parts. They have one section that is designed for the younger kiddos and so that's where we spent most of our time.
Hadley asked on the way to the fun fun place (what we call most Children's Museums) if she could play with water...I told her I didn't know if they had water to play with but sure enough.....

More fun....

Watching fish....

Nana and Jo

Going and going and going....

Looking at the chickens with her binoculars. Maybe she'll grow up to be a bird watcher.
This is the capitol building in Madison. It looks like this is the whole building but all four sides look like this. It is giant.
When we got back to Nana and Papa's house, Hadley and Papa cut out and baked some Easter cookies. On Saturday (back in Milwaukee) we headed out and about again. First we went to The Domes. There are three is the rainforest, one is the desert, and third one changes themes. When we were there, they were changing the third one so it was closed, but the other 2 were awesome! Rainforest first....
then the desert.
It was really really cool. This peacock bench was sitting in the lobby.
THEN, we went to the Betty Brinn's Children's Museum in Milwaukee. It reminded me so much of the Denver Children's Museum and Hadley.....well you know. She loved this fun fun place just as much as all the others! Joni was "ecstatic!" :) This one is for Opa...Hadley caught her first fish :)
After we got home and Hadley took a 3 hour nap, Nana and her and I decorated the Easter cookies. And by decorated I mean that Nana and I decorated and she ate the frosting.
Nana and Oma spoil us because they like to shop at Once Upon a Child and buy us lots of cute outfits for the girls. Andy wanted to go there anyways so we could get their Easter dresses and Nana bought some other ADORABLE outfits. We can't wait to wear the rest of them!I LOVE this picture. Joni and Papa were having a little conversation before everyone left for church. So precious.
We had so much fun....we always do! We had a picnic in the park on Sunday (along with the rest of Milwaukee who was out enjoying the beautiful weather). We had chicken and Joni ate the leftovers :)

Thank you again for everything Nana and Papa! We love you!!! In less than a month Joni turns 1 (so crazy) and we head back west. We are getting excited but know how much has to get done before then. Andy is finishing up the last few weeks of school, the Derby celebration is in full swing (more pictures about that later), and we are still trying to hit up the zoo and the science center as many times as we can before we head out. Joni is standing alone now and took a couple steps this week. She isn't quite sure about it though and isn't rushing walking (I'm not either to be honest :)) We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and remember that Jesus Christ lived, died the death we all deserve, and then defeating death, He rose again! HAPPY EASTER! Love to you all!