Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving in St. Louis

Having Janet and Kemper only 4 hours away has been AMAZING.  This is the closest either of our parents have been since we moved to KY when Hadley was a baby.  They probably won't be there for long so we are trying to take advantage of the "closeness" while we can.  We all met up there (Uncle Ben too and Kemper's brother Lance and his amazing family who we love and always look forward to spending time with) for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Papa's 60th!  Happy Birthday Papa!!! 
We celebrated with steaks at Texas Road House and they brought out the "birthday saddle" but Papa wouldn't get on it...the girls, however, were happy to give it a try.
We planned lots of fun things to do for the kids (and the adults too).
Climbing a tree on one of our walks through a park...
a little Geocaching...our first one!  Go to for more info about that.
On Thanksgiving day while the guys did this (the guys didn't do ALL the work..except on the bacon turkey, that was all Ben and Andy)....
the kids made turkey cookies...
and dessert...
 and Thanksgiving placemats...
 and played Thanksgiving BINGO.
And then we ate!
After dinner, we went to a sculpture garden where Janet and Kemper had creatvily put together a little scavenger hunt for the kids.  It was super fun for them and really good exercise for everyone else.  I'll be honest, there is some strange "art" out there.
 On Friday we went (along with everyone else in St. Louis:) to the City Museum.  The kids (and Andy and Ben) were is playground heaven.  Lots of climbing and sliding and hiding and crawling through tiny spaces.
 That night Andy and I took the little girls to a drive-thru Christmas lights display.  I know they are just lights, but I get so excited about this kind of stuff.  Plus the girls thought it was super awesome so how can you not love it?
 The light "river" was by far my favorite and I'm still trying to convince my husband that we need to set one up in our yard.
 We finished up the night with a little Christmas music dancing night.  It's a favorite tradition!
We have much for which to be thankful.
Love to you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Joy, Sadness, and Reformation Day

Our church's Fall Festival
Hadley's first pie eating contest...she got 2nd.
 Veteran's Day parade
 Trolley rides
1st Awana Grand Prix
 Our new deck thanks to my handy man.
 Annual Turkey Hill Youth Retreat

Andrew David Huber
He was loved for 18 weeks, and will be for eternity.  
Thank you all for love and prayers during this tough season.
God is good, all the time.  

Reformation Party
 Box trolls!
 Eggs, Sweets, Jelly, and Madame Frou-frou
 Love to you all!