Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool

It has been so nice for Hadley (and the rest of us) to have a river (or creek) running through camp. Some days it gets pretty warm and so we all go jump in the river....and by jump I mean just barely wade in and get our feet wet. The water is FREEZING but Hadley loves it and wants to go "wimmin" every day! One day we went to Thermopolis to enjoy the hot pools. Even Joni had a good time because there the water is really warm. The picture with the green tub is Hadley playing "in" the water. She is supposed to stand outside of it and use her little cups and pitchers she has, but she had other ideas :)We can't believe that we only have one more month left here. It has been so AWESOME! Andy has started reading for his classes this semester and is looking forward to starting up again. I am excited about going back to Louisville (he only has a year and a half left) but not for the 18 hour drive out! Pray for good babies in the car! Love to you all!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video Time

Here are a couple videos for your enjoyment. The first is of Hadley dancing at a wedding we went to last weekend. The second is of her floating in the river in a big tub..she was just small enough to fit in it. She actually had pretty good balance but still didn't want Andy to let go. Again, sorry about the clicking our camera makes. Love to you all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Will's Birthday

Hadley got to go to a birthday party in June for her little friend Will. It was a farm theme and so so so cute. There were a couple other kids there and Hadley had a blast. Since it was at the park, she got to go swinging (her most favorite thing to do) and as party favors, everyone got some bubbles (her second most favorite thing to do). This is what Joni did the whole time. This is Sarah and Will....he is such a cutie! Sarah made this awesome cake! I have already been thinking about what to do for Hadley's 2nd birthday (Curious George?).....hope it is as good as this one! So so cute and it tasted good too!Hadley got to pick which cupcake she wanted and she chose a cow (which Andy helped her eat :)) Happy Birthday Will! We can't believe that it is already July! Where is the summer going? We have a camp this week and then a break for awhile. We hope to get to Cheyenne and Laramie, maybe to Montana to visit my grandparents, and some other stops! It is going too fast! Love to you all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Visitor

As everyone at camp napped this afternoon, and as I watched a movie in the camper, and as Andy worked on bills in the cabin, we had a forest friend come to visit. One of the counselors (not taking a nap) had his camera and took a few shots of the little guy. He came in one side of the camp, crossed the river, went behind the camper and cabin where we were, and went out the other side of camp and down the road. I am slightly glad I didn't see him or I might have freaked. Now I am on constant watching patrol. I hope it was a one time a summer thing. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo Shoot

These are some of the pictures from the Huber Family Photo Shoot! I wasn't sure about the white but they turned out so great. I'm sure we'll be ordering some of these from Andy's uncle who took them. We had to deal with the wind but who doesn't in Wyoming. Thanks Janet for the good idea!