Monday, July 12, 2010

Will's Birthday

Hadley got to go to a birthday party in June for her little friend Will. It was a farm theme and so so so cute. There were a couple other kids there and Hadley had a blast. Since it was at the park, she got to go swinging (her most favorite thing to do) and as party favors, everyone got some bubbles (her second most favorite thing to do). This is what Joni did the whole time. This is Sarah and Will....he is such a cutie! Sarah made this awesome cake! I have already been thinking about what to do for Hadley's 2nd birthday (Curious George?).....hope it is as good as this one! So so cute and it tasted good too!Hadley got to pick which cupcake she wanted and she chose a cow (which Andy helped her eat :)) Happy Birthday Will! We can't believe that it is already July! Where is the summer going? We have a camp this week and then a break for awhile. We hope to get to Cheyenne and Laramie, maybe to Montana to visit my grandparents, and some other stops! It is going too fast! Love to you all.

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Casey said...

fun party!

hadley's jacket is so cute :)