Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Visitor

As everyone at camp napped this afternoon, and as I watched a movie in the camper, and as Andy worked on bills in the cabin, we had a forest friend come to visit. One of the counselors (not taking a nap) had his camera and took a few shots of the little guy. He came in one side of the camp, crossed the river, went behind the camper and cabin where we were, and went out the other side of camp and down the road. I am slightly glad I didn't see him or I might have freaked. Now I am on constant watching patrol. I hope it was a one time a summer thing. :)

1 comment:

Hughes' said...

Scaaaaaaary!!! It would have been cool to see the bear- but not in the place where you live! Ah! I hear you on being on the lookout, darn little visitor!