Friday, July 11, 2014


Our annual summer trip included 2 weeks of driving over 3200 miles through 6 states riding in 4 different vehicles with as many as 28 people.  Lots of driving, lots of movies in the car, lots of fun :)  We started our journey on a bus with 28 teens and chaperones going to a youth conference in Estes Park, CO.  We left Leavenworth in the morning and stopped in Lincoln when the water pump on the bus broke.  God was gracious to us, though, because we broke down near the International parts dealer, they had the part we needed in stock, and we found a mobile mechanic (on a Saturday!) who came and had us on the road in less than 2.5 hours!  That night my awesome parents had made us all dinner (above and beyond--THANK YOU), found us all places to sleep (yes, a new first even for the Lutz family, 28 people sleeping comfortably in our house), and breakfast the next morning too. 
 After breakfast, we all drove to Vedauwoo for a worship service and bouldering before Andy and the crew on the bus left for Estes and the girls and I stayed in Cheyenne with Oma and Opa.
 We always forget how much we miss the mountains and wide open spaces until we visit again.  Wyoming is beautiful.
So while Andy was doing this:
 We were doing this:
 Enjoying time with Ernie and Melinda Brazzale...dear family friends.
From Cheyenne, Opa, the girls, and I drove to Sheridan to pick up Courtney and Hunter before driving to Coeur d' Alene, ID to see Grandma Alice and the Urbaniak and Moore clan.  The kids did AWESOME as usual in the car and it was so good to see family we haven't seen in over 3 years.  The kids loved Grandma and I was so glad they got to spend time with her.  Precious moments these are. 
Marta took us to a bounce place one day so the kids could use some energy.  It was much appreciated!
 Siblings:  the oldest and the youngest of 5 :)
Watching movies with Gram...
 Reading books with Brooke :)
 The siblings making strudels....a family tradition I haven't gotten to enjoy for 3 years.  
Aunt Della also knows how to keep the kids entertained.
 After ID, we drove back the way we came...first to Sheridan, then to Cheyenne.  Dinner with the Brazzales again but with BECCA this time!  Yay!  And Uncle Ben came to visit too from Denver.  So much love here.  Coming home is always fun.
 And then this:  6 people in a truck with 6 seats to get from Cheyenne to Leavenworth.  A long drive to say the least but we made it with happy kids, nonetheless.
 Everyone was happy to see Andy too!  We sure miss him when we are gone.  First stop...Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Ever since our first visit, I knew it was a place we had to take Oma and I was right. She loved it!  It was a perfect day for it too.
 So I have to admit I have a LOT of pictures of Hunter because Courtney and Shaun were in Mexico without him for a week and she wanted lots of, he's cute and I love him.
 Apparently Hunter loves buses so we took him for a ride on ours.
 Love this picture....3 cousins swinging :)

 More photo-shoot shots.
 We did the same thing this year for the 4th that we did last year.  We had a BBQ at Ben and Kayla's house, shot off some small fireworks in the driveway, then went to the Fort for their big fireworks display.  This was my attempt at a red, white, and blue drink.  You can kind of see on bottom, then blue, then white.  Either way they were good.
Last year:
 This year:
Stomping on poppers.
 At the big fireworks...Hunter LOVES fireworks.  
 And then we enjoyed our Oma and Opa!  We love having family here but always wish they were closer too.
 Hunter wanted to paint my nails....
 and then got mad when he had to stop.
 And they made cookies...
 and went swimming too.
 Such fun times.  Love to you all!