Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping and Strawberries

When we moved here I asked around to see if there was somewhere we could pick strawberries because we did it last year and it was soooo fun!  Well you can imagine my Jack Russell Terrier-like excitement when a friend called up one day and asked if I wanted to go pick strawberries!  The strawberry jam is made and going quickly.
The picking crew.
For my birthday, the girls made me breakfast in bed and Andy treated me to a fun fun day out.  They made orange rolls....
 and made me cards....
 It's a good thing this picture is dark because my hair is ridiculous.  Hadley is ALWAYS cold when she gets up.  Every morning she comes downstairs and grabs a coat on her way to the case you were wondering :)
Well, we had our first camping trip as a family in a tent!  The girls were more excited than any of us I think and we had so much fun.  It was a little muggy but no one seemed to care.  Happy Father's Day, Bibby!  First thing on the docket, play with the minnows our friends bought for bait.
 Our friends had the brilliant idea of bringing a blow-up pool for the kids to cool off in.  And they HAD  A BLAST.  They spent the entire afternoon of the first day playing in it.  Even the water was freezing cold, no one cared.
Even Andy took time to cool off.
The girls have been asking to go fishing for awhile.  We have 1 princess fishing pole we got at a garage sale and so they shared it and got to go fishing with Dad. 
 Enjoying the Kansas the fire is for cooking only.  In Wyoming, fires are for keeping warm.  There was no standing by the fire to bring feeling back to your frozen legs.  A little different around here :)
 The kid crew.  We hope this picture makes a re-appearance 10 years down the road at graduations and weddings :)
 More fishing.
 Hadley's first fish!!!  She was excited, the first catch of the day!  We must have been standing in a sweet spot though because in the couple hours we were there with about 10 people fishing, they caught about 30 fish.
 Her 2nd fish!  She ended up catching 3 and had to call Opa right there and tell him.  :)
 The guys working hard helping all the kids on their Father's Day camping trip. 
 Sitting out of the cold water for a bit.
The blue chair on the right Andy got me for my birthday and I LOVE it!
  Getting ready for swimming.
 A rainbow around sun.  Something I had never seen before and surprisingly the picture kind of turned out. 
 Swimming wears you out!  Sharon brought veggies for a snack and the kids ate them up no questions asked!  They must have been extra hungry :)
 I promise they were having fun.  I did not set this picture up.  I just grabbed my camera at the right time!
 We played some games too.
 The guys did a great job making all the food.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, taco salad, shells and cheese, sandwiches, and Shing-Fling-Ding for breakfast! 
 The kids all playing games (yes Andy is in there playing, I mean showing them how).
 Before the sugar....
 After the weather and fun can wear a girl out!
Hadley's first motorcycle ride.  I'm afraid to say she might be hooked. 
And finally our garden progress.  We have been eating basil (one of my favorites) and radishes and we are waiting for everything else.
From let to right: watermelon, basil, lettuce and spinach.
Tomatoes are in the middle and then below: peppers and zucchini which is taking over.
ADOPTION UPDATE:  We had a psych eval that is required for Haiti and we found out we aren't crazy!  Yay!  Still working on home-study stuff.  Getting a little bit closer but still a long way to go :)  Love to you all!