Saturday, September 17, 2016

Disney World PARTY!!!

Welcome to Disney World!  We went all out for the girls' birthday parties this year...a combined whopper that was fun to plan, fun to throw, and fun to enjoy.  Since I was still in Disney World mode after our trip in February and both girls wanted to have a Disney party, we did one big shebang!  Walking through the doors, of Disney World, you were greeted with a pair of Mickey (or Minnie) ears and a lanyard and 2 pins for trading.
There were a couple fun games to play during your time at "Disney World."  There were 12 "hidden Mickey's" around and you can to find them all (the clock was one).  This was where the food table was...under pictures of our trip.
This was the best thing we made for the party....a game of movie locations...each board had a place and you had to guess which movie it was from.  (There is another hidden Mickey on the 42 Wallaby Way sign).
We can books and coloring sheets and puzzles set about for the little ones....these 3 tables also formed a hidden Mickey....large black one closest to "Belle" and 2 small ears.
Courtney, Dad, Hunter, and Maddie came out for the party and actually took us back with them for a couple weeks in Wyoming (posts to come about that).  Janet also was able to come too!  They were a huge help and so fun to have at the party.  Everyone was supposed to dress up as their favorite Disney character and it was fun to see what everyone picked...Andy and I were Flash and Priscilla (the sloths from Zootopia), Hunter was Sully from Monsters Inc. (he lost his purple dots already), and I'll give you 1 guess as to who Hadley and Joni picked to be :)
 We had something fun to do at each of the MAGIC KINGDOM there was a photo booth in front of the castle.  P.S.  Hadley took EVERY picture in the photo booth with her hands like this.  Every. Picture.  She was really getting into her character.
 At HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS there was another game to figure out the paper-bag characters and a movie was playing the whole time on the screen below...we also opened presents there too.
EPCOT was probably my favorite.  We used a projector and white plastic tablecloths to get this in the doorway.  I LOVED it!
I didn't get many pictures because once the party started it was CRAZY, but in Epcot, you had to go to each of the World Showcase countries and do Japan you had to karate chop a piece of wood, in Italy you had to taste some tiramisu, and in a few you had to answer a question.  The kids had passports to mark down what they did.
And last, but not least, we went to ANIMAL KINGDOM and went on a "night" safari.  (Another hidden Mickey on the sign Andy is holding).
 Everyone got a Wilderness Explorer Handbook with animals they were looking for, a stamper, and a flashlight so they could see :)  
 This is what the hall looked like with the lights on, but we shut them off. 
 So I REALLY like planning parties and I really like Disney World and I had so much fun getting everything together.  The food was super fun too.  We had cherries from Wreck it Ralph, apples from Snow White...
 We had bananas from the Jungle Book...
 Spinach puffs from the Emperor's New Groove...
 Ratatouille from.....well  Ratatouille (which was surprisingly good)...
 Spaghetti, meatballs, and breadsticks from Lady and the Tramp...
and cake for dessert :)  One layer from each park and a Mickey and Minnie on top.
Super fun and I'm only a little sad I don't have one to plan for another year.
***Still no adoption news.***  When we know, you'll know!  Love to you all!