Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring things and Jo's 6!

Lots of random pictures ahead...visit to some zoos, Awana awards night, trip to Louisville for a bible conference where Andy met John MacArthur, selling breakfast burritos (and bracelets Hadley made) to raise money for the adoption, 1st camping trip of the year, Hadley's first softball practice, and a field trip to the DaVinci exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City. 
 Happy Birthday, Joni!  We love you so much.  She had rainbow pancakes for breakfast, she made gummy worms with Nana, Indian for lunch, shopping for new clothes, a tea party with a set she got for her birthday, going to Play Bounce Jump, and for her special birthday dinner: a date with Mom and Dad to a Japanese steakhouse.  She loved it!
 And last but not least...Hadley lost her FIRST TOOTH!  She has been waiting for this moment for over a year!  She was so excited!!!  So. Excited.
 Still no word from Haiti but we continue to pray for movement and thank you all for doing the same.    Love to you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016--Holiday Week

It's a tradition of ours to make Spring Break fun for the girls since the fun thing about public school Spring Break is staying home for a week :)  This year was Holiday Week.  Not sure what we were thinking putting Thanksgiving and Christmas (meals) in the same week but we enjoyed it none the less.
firework art with toilet paper rolls
and bomb pops for dessert

Aebleskivers for breakfast...almost didn't get a picture they went so fast.

And dinner with some friends of ours.  Sandra is originally from Germany and she offered to help us make our traditional German meal (roulade and spaetzle).  
We had friends over almost every day to share in the celebrations and Thanksgiving was no exception.  Turkey and mashed potatoes!
and the girls made owl crafts
 Hadley and I wearing our matchy-matchy green.
And green dinner....roast and potatoes.
And last but not least, EASTER, which happened to be only a week away.  

 We did umbrellas instead of baskets this year.
 Andy made all my matching dream comes true when he helped me pick out our Easter best.
  Precious friends over for lamb.
 Talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord! 
And the girls sang their choir songs that night.