Saturday, May 3, 2014

TX part 2 and Easter Sunday

The second day with Emily and the kids we spent at her dear friend's lake house.  Everything was beautiful...the weather, the view, the area, everything.  The kids got to fish, play at the playground and go for a boat ride too.  Hadley fished and fished and didn't get a bite.  I caught a snapping turtle with her pole which was exciting for everyone :)
Teresa even let them drive and honk the horn.
Paige, Joni, Hadley, and Ty...watching for catfish.
I don't know why I love this picture so much....maybe it's the cheeks?  I could eat em.
The last day with Nana and Papa we went to the ZOO.  We love zoos.  Seriously, probably too much. Since Andy wasn't with us (he doesn't love zoos) we didn't even feel bad about going.  Everyone's favorite parts:  THE WHITE TIGER AND THE LION CUBS.  I overheard someone saying they have never seen the tiger so active.
They had bears which were playing too.

And the four baby lion cubs were so stinking cute.  They were rolling and playing and trying to tackle their mom.  We had no idea they even existed until we saw them.  Super fun.
And we saw lots of other typical zoo things....crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, etc.
Some orange birds Hadley wanted a picture of for Andy.
Tyler, TX is somewhat famous for 2 things:  Azaleas and Roses.  Here are the azaleas which were gorgeous and blooming and everywhere.
And here are the roses...yeah so we missed the roses by a couple weeks.  They had lots of other flowers in bloom but now we have something to look forward to the next time we visit.  I'm reading a theology book right now and the author even mentions the roses in Tyler, TX.  Tyler, TX-check.  Roses-not so much.  According to Kemper, all of these bushes are COVERED with hundreds of roses in hundreds of colors.    
I introduced Hadley to snapdragons since they are my favorite and she loves them now too.
I did find one or two roses.  :)
So we drove home Saturday and the next morning was Easter!  The Lord is Risen!  We made our traditional resurrection rolls for breakfast and put on our fancy Easter best.
Andy planned a fantastic Easter morning worship service with singing and instrumental pieces.  Death has been defeated!  Praise the Lord!!!
And we enjoyed a relaxing Easter meal (lamb of course) with friends.  It was a wonderful day.
The girls checking out the chickens...
I love that man of mine.
Going through the Resurrection eggs.
And opening Easter goodies from Oma and Opa and us.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Love to you all!