Friday, October 25, 2013

Hadley's 5th!....and some other stuff

A couple more from our trip to TX in August....Andy got to drive 85 on a highway near San Antonio. He was very excited and made me take a picture.
Waffles at the hotel during the move...
And breakfast with the Snyders...dear friends who we miss miss miss!  Its nice they live so close to Janet and Kemper now though...maybe we will see a little more of them.  Congrats on the new baby girl!
For Labor Day (yes, I'm still behind) we went to a Perry State Park nearby.  We just spent some time swimming and enjoying the lake.  We ended up camping there a few weekends ago...more on that later.
Hadley is Dad's little helper.  
And Hadley's Birthday!!!  Yay.  She still (almost a month later) tells people that she is 5 now.  Apparently 5 is a big deal.  For breakfast....rainbow waffles.  She even helped.
Nana and Papa came for Hadley's special day and we so opened family presents after breakfast.  This is a Barbie bed and dresser that a man in Argentina made.  She was very excited as you can tell.
 And girl Legos are a hit.  I don't know who enjoys them more....Hadley or me.
 Then we went to a movie, since Hadley loves that.
And lunch at China Buffett.
Then we came home and Nana and Hadley made cookies to decorate at the GLITTER party.
and I got to decorating....Andy was doing the dishes and became a cupcake head.  hehe
Our family tradition is that the Birthday person gets to pick what we have for dinner on their special day.  Since her party this year was on her birthday, she decided what we would have for the party.  And so the menu went something like this:  corn on the cob, chicken on a bone (wings), cantaloupe, Fruit Loops cereal, tuna fish with cheese and crackers, and corn dogs.  I know we have the "c" food theme going but it was completely coincidental.  
And getting ready for the party....they had to get their glittery-est dresses on.  Oma sent this one for her birthday and she still asks to wear it everyday.  
We had a few little friends over and the glitter theme was fun.  We played a game with balloons that were filled with different things (water, salt, nothing, and glitter) and whoever picked the ones with glitter one.  Andy popped each one above the girls and it was fun to see their reactions.
You can't see it really well but sweet Becca has a hair-full of pink glitter :)
Then we decorated cookies with sugary glittery goodness.  There was more eating than decorating but they had fun.
Working on her masterpiece.  
This is Lizzie's cookie from above....
and the side view....she won for height!
Enjoying their creations.
The cake had white glitter around it too but you can't see it.  Happy Birthday Hadlebugs!
Opening presents....such a blessing.
Then we painted everyone's nails with some awesome glitter nail polish I found.  It was a team effort....two painters and Janet stood by with a blowdryer for drying.

Hadley asked for lots of things for her birthday but the most consistent was "an american girl doll."  Well our awesome church secretary gave her one (the generic version which is wonderful because I don't have to worry about it getting "loved too much.") and she LOVES her.  She got this fun outfit too to match and has already added some other clothes to the wardrobe.  My little baby is getting so big!
Family Leggo time....I told you they were fun.
 And lastly, when we bought our house I really wanted to paint something...the first time ever that we could, to break in our house.  So we have a wall in our dining room that we added some color to.  Long story short, we got the wrong color and so there is a middle-halfway-through-the-process picture too.
Some blue (supposed to be more teal) and red chalk board paint for the girls to play with.  
And the final product...which I love!
Love to you all!