Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Joni-girl

May was Joni's birthday seemed like we celebrated all month long.  If you've read our blog for any amount of time, you know that birthday mornings are full of rainbows!  This go around: rainbow waffles.  
 When Hadley turned 4, she got her ears pierced.  So we decided that it would a 4-year-old birthday thing to do.  Joni watched Hadley get hers done so we were a little shocked she was so willing.  She almost backed out but did it and only cried a few tears.  
 And about 10  minutes later...  Also, notice the stellar outfit she picked out herself that I didn't make her change because it was her birthday.
 Then to McDonalds for lunch...
 and her pick of food for dinner (mac and cheese, pizza, and an egg).  It was a healthy food kind of day.
 She opened her presents from us (Curious George goes camping book and Merida (Brave) legos).
 Andy had a meeting that night so the girls and I went to a kid's production of The Little Mermaid.  It was a tiny tiny bit cheesy (and pretty well done for elementary and junior high school kids) and the girls LOVED it!
 See?  This is how she sat the whole time.
 And we had to get a picture with Ariel.
 Then we opened presents from Nana and Papa...
[and this was actually from today but wanted to slip it in here....a pool membership for the summer and new suits from Oma and Opa.]
 So awhile ago when I asked Joni what kind of party she wanted for her birthday she immediately said, "CAMPING!"  Like, a camping party?  "No, I want to go camping for my birthday."  Well, I can't resist throwing a party too so we went camping AND had a camping party.  We planned it Memorial Day Weekend but the forecast said rain for 6 days straight (only ended up raining 1 day) so we postponed it until the following weekend.  In doing that, some of our dear friends couldn't make it so we had a picnic with them one evening and had a "practice run" of the party.  These are tacos in a fun, so delish.
 And we went on a scavenger hunt with the binoculars we made out of toilet paper rolls.
 And made nature bracelets....
 And here we are!  Joni's camping birthday!  We had one night with just our family.  Pinterest is amazing (if I haven't already said so) and we have found some awesome new camping recipes.  These little "Woofums" though were from some friends...cooked biscuits (over the fire) with pie filling inside.
 And I have to brag on my husband for the sweet cornhole boards he made us.  This game is super popular with lots of our friends in Louisville (and Andy caught the cornhole fever) and now we have our very own set!  
Two more families came out the second night to camp with us.  Such a blessing having good friends who don't mind getting dirty and buggy (lots of bugs) with you too!
 The binocular making assembly line.
 And getting ready for the party...quite a few people came out just for Saturday when we had the party.  Again, it was such a blessing to us that they made the hour trip.  And the weather could not have been better....changing weekends was well worth it.
 Andy cooked hotdogs and brats for everyone.
 Campfire cupcakes.
 I see you :)
 Going on the scavenger hunt...again.  They had to find things like: a bird, a flower, a hat, a lantern, a dog, a tree, a fishing pole, a sleeping bag, a lake, etc.  Obviously, not that difficult :)
 Sweet girl.
 And then....Piñata time!  
 The only thing about making your own piñata, is that you have to watch it get destroyed, while people are cheering on the destruction of all your hard work.  But everyone had fun and it was worth it.  :)
Since we thought we would have more kids by now, every birthday Joni has is bittersweet for us.  She is growing up so fast and is such a sweet little girl.  I know I say that a lot, but she is quiet and reserved, a thinker, likes to people watch and continues to be little cuddle-bug.  Happy Birthday, Jo.  Love to you all!