Monday, June 2, 2014

Quick Trip East for Nickel Creek

This is going be fast because I am getting really behind and I have about a gazillion pictures for Joni's birthday.  Spring (which actually feels like summer) has come to KS which means pools and gardens and movies at the park.
For our anniversary, Andy got us tickets to see Nickel Creek (a bluegrass band that we saw when we were dating in college) who were performing in Indianapolis.  We spent one night seeing all our friends in Louisville and the headed to Indi to spend time with Jon and Heather.  Short and sweet trip.
Visiting the Hughes' is always a blessing.  The girls love Nolan and Ainsley and new baby Huxley!!! Yay!!!  We went to park, and the zoo, and ran through sprinklers and watched movies and on and on.
I won't mention that this picture was immediately followed by me trying to chase a lost flip-flop downstream....not my best moment.
Turns out it is semi-difficult to get 4 kids AND a seal in the picture...but I did it!
Waiting patiently for butterflies to land...
Is she the cutest thing?
My awesome Mother's Day present Andy and the girls made me.  I'm hoping to have cilantro and chives out our ears!
We watched FROZEN....and then we were because it ended at 10:45 and the temperature when we got in the car said 43 degrees!  Still so worth it.
The movie was sponsored by a gym in town, hence the "fitness" things.
Jo's birthday celebrations to come soon!  Love to you all.

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