Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday and I am only on the ball getting these pictures up because grandparents are dying to see their grand-babies in their Easter dresses! But first things first, we colored eggs the night before. Jo didn't really help but we wanted her to be in one shot since this was her 1st Easter!
She actually did a pretty good job. She was very careful to lower each egg into the water with the little egg holders and then she got to put stickers on them all....which she loved.
Dad helped too.
The finished products.
Just out of bed...can't you tell? We got a monkey for Hadley's basket/bucket and a lamb for Jo. Nana and Papa and Oma and Opa sent us some great Easter care-packages (THANK YOU THANK YOU) with fun toys and candy and things. We also added some of that stuff to their Easter morning fun.
Jo loving her lamb.
Opening her eggs . . . every . . . single . . . one.
These were from Nana....too cute.
Sweet Jo.
These have a button you push that turns on lights and makes it spin....anyways, Jo can turn it on by herself now and loves playing with it, and sucking on it, and watching it and pushing the button.
The family dressed in their Sunday best.
This is Ms. Ruth, Hadley's teacher at church whom we LOVE!
So, we woke up to a down-pour Sunday morning and it continued to dump until church was almost over. We were supposed to have an egg hunt but it got canceled because of the rain. However, since it wasn't raining, someone threw a couple eggs about and a few of the kiddos got to go pick them up. The biggest surprise.....Hadley's dress didn't get dirty AT ALL....ALL DAY!!!!
So we ate a lot yesterday. We had a carry-in for breakfast at the church, then we went to our friend's house for lunch and this was the spread. It was delicious. Ham and kabobs and rice and mashed potatoes and beans and well you can was wonderful!
These were the desserts....I made the egg nests on the right and a banana cream pie and a peanut butter cream pie too (both from scratch)! I know, and you all thought I couldn't boil water. :)
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! Christ is Risen...He's Risen Indeed!
Love to you all!

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Moabite said...

What!!! I made the blog!! :-) haha... too funny about you boiling water! When you get back you will totally have to school me on the banana cream pie! I tried that once in China - epic fail! Love you guys!