Friday, May 6, 2011

Catch Up

Well only 6 six days left here in KY before we head west. I have a lot to do. We have, however, been doing as much as we can before we leave. The new polar and grizzly bears have come to the zoo, the Kentucky Derby is today actually, and we have been trying to hang out with friends before we leave. This is Hadley getting herself dressed with glasses and Joni's jacket.
We planted some herbs that I got at the Dollar Store and we watched them and watered them everyday. They finally popped through the dirt and Hadley was so excited she was jumping around. Then Joni pulled the whole thing on the floor and we had to throw it all away. Nana is awesome though and got us more to do this summer.
So we haven't been doing a whole bunch of Derby things, mostly because it has been raining for 3 weeks straight, however, we did brave the rain and cold and went to Thunder Over Louisville. The day of Thunder is the big kick-off to the Derby Festival ending today with the Kentucky Derby (always the first Saturday in May). They start off the day with the air show (didn't get started till late due to the weather) and then they shoot TONS (and I mean TONS) of fireworks off the Ohio River bridges. We have heard it is amazing and we watched it on TV last year, but this year went to a clearing above our church to watch it in incredible. Next year we may have to brave the crowds and head to the river to watch it....we'll see :)
She LOVES her umbrella and would carry it rain or shine if I let her.
This is the view from where we were sitting. The show doesn't start till 9:30 but you have to get your seats early if you want a good spot.
It was really cold but it God is good and it stopped raining and the wind stopped blowing right as is started. Not sure if you can see Hadley's face but she was really excited.
Before Easter, the Seminary put on a Resurrection Party on campus that Andy had to work so we went and enjoyed it too. There were games and bouncy castles and then we all sat down and listened to the Easter Story. It was also the first time that either girl had their face painted.
Hadley was scared to do it and so we made Joni go first, then Hadley was excited too.
We had a girls-only party for our kids we teach at church on Wednesday night and decided to do a cake decorating contest. I didn't put the rest of the cakes on here but truth be told, they looked about like Hadley's. So here she is, putting on sprinkles......(look at that tongue....that is some major concentration)......
and marshmallows....
and more sprinkles....
and the end result! Mmmmmm looks good, doesn't it? She won the "HEAVIEST CAKE" award.
Here is my cake....I didn't win anything because apparently I'm an adult and adults don't win.
Hadley and Dad playing Pick-Up-Sticks. It was just cute because she was laying just like him.....monkey see monkey do.
Our awesomely awesome friends came to see us again before we left town and it was wonderful hanging out with them and little Nolan. Reading a book before bed....
Getting kisses....
going swimming.....
Then we went to the park for lunch and got it....swing.
Sweet Jo.
Jo likes to swing too.
It was also the weekend of Andy's birthday so we went to Carrabbas for dinner. THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!
And I made him a cake (pretty sure it's the first one since we have been married).
And last but not least, Ms. Ruth (see Easter post), Hadley's teacher, threw the kiddos a good-bye party for Hadley (since she is leaving for the summer) and Will (a little guy whose family is moving). They sang some songs.....
and made a sweet little craft with a picture of the class. Thanks Ruth!
So we are packing and sorting and getting ready to head out. Hope to see some of you soon and others.......we will be back soon! Love to you all!

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Lee Ann said...

Looks like you have been busy. Hadley is looking SO much like you Megan!! PLEASE let me know when you will be in Cheyenne and Laramie even. We would love to come up and see you. I was very sad that we couldn't see you last summer. Leave a message on my facebook if you need my phone number!