Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where does the time go?

Well folks, we have been in WY for 3 weeks now!!!! 3 weeks!!!! The older I get (and I'm getting pretty old...just ask Andy) the faster time goes. I have a lot of picture catch-up to do so just sit back and enjoy :) We went to the zoo twice before we left for the sole purpose of seeing the new bears that have newly joined the zoo (1 polar and 3 grizzly). So the first time we went, 4 days before we left we saw the polar bear (yay!) and then unknowingly walked by the grizzly bears. When we figured it out, we were on the other side of the zoo and didn't want to walk back to where they were. The second attempt to see the grizzlies (2 days before we left) also failed as they were letting the polar bear have the run of the whole place and had the others inside, where there are no windows, and where no one can see them :( Guess I have something to look forward to when we get back. Hadley didn't care...she got to see her beloved monkeys so she was happy as usual. I got two pictures like the one below, one with Hadley looking and one with the orangutan looking. Oh well....I guess it's a good thing I don't take pictures for a living.
Then we went (for the first time ever) and saw the elephants do their "exercises." Hadley just thought they were dancing and loved it.
Joni loves cheese so these little cheese and cracker snacks are a hit. I know it's messy and unhealthy, but this one little squirt of cheese can keep this kid occupied for a good 30 minutes.
Before we left, Papa Kemper came down to take a load of our stuff to Milwaukee (which will come to WY later with Nana) so we could have more room. They are having a deep theological discussion.
So, here we are in WY. We drove through the night as Joni turned 1 and arrived just in time to hit up some awesome garage sales (with some awesome finds) with my mom, the Garage Sale Queen. We stayed in Cheyenne a couple days before heading up to Story. The circus happened to be in town and since Hadley had never been, we all went and she had a blast. Oma and Opa spoiled her a bit (and why shouldn't they really :)) and she had a pony ride.....
and got her face painted......and also walked away with some awesome circus souvenirs.
This is one of those previously mentioned garage sale works and it was only $10!!!!
In Sheridan we had a little party for Joni's first birthday with my family. Since we are going to celebrate with a cake when Janet comes to visit, we got her a little cupcake to practice on.
She started out slow, like Hadley did....
and then dug right in.
She likes her chocolate.
Then we opened some presents....
and made sure we didn't leave anything behind.
Giving kisses to her new baby.
So, normally, the creek that runs through the camp is raging by now. After talking with the company who turns in on and off during the summer, we found out that due to flooding at the bottom, it may not be turned on for awhile. So we have taken this opportunity to turn over rocks and find worms (and eat sticks, if you zoom in on Joni).
...the bigger the better.
She sure loves her daddy.
Lookin cute in matchy matchy same outfits.
Despite being this old, I am shocked to see new (and fun) things that have been added in Cheyenne even though it has been 12 years (yes, 12 years) since I graduated. One of the parks in town has a great new area for kids that I had heard about. There is a little pond with rocks and tiny waterfalls to wade in and since it was 86 degrees today (so much for snow in June) it was the perfect day to play in the water. The girls got soaked but loved every minute of it.
The counselors arrive this week and so the craziness begins in the kitchen....3 meals and 2 snacks a day until the end of June! We are so excited to be back in WY though, seeing family and friends and enjoying zero percent humidity. Miss you friends in KY though too! Love to you all!

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Stacey said...

Happy birthday Joni! I can't guarantee it, but maybe we'll get to say hi to you when we come through WY in July! Have fun. I'm jealous.