Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More June Fun

Happy July everyone! Where did June go?! As of yesterday, I am officially done cooking for the Presbyterian camps and now the girls and I (Andy still has to work) get to just hang out and play and help Andy when we can. We had an AMAZING time with Janet and Kemper before they left on Wednesday and are so thankful they were able visit for so long.
In the first part of June, Andy's grandpa (Janet's dad) and his aunt and family came to visit. They drove a long way and stayed way too short a time but we had so much fun while they were here. I hardly ever saw Hadley because she was playing with Alex every waking minute. We call him GGP (Great-Grand-Pa). :)
Roasting smores in the lodge....
....and then eating them.
Alex and Hadley found a little hiding place/fort under a table. They played so well together.
This is Miranda (Andy's cousin), Tyler (one of the counselors that hung out with us that night), Lauren (cousin), Andy, me, and Becky (his aunt).
Trying out the tight rope section of the obstacle course. It is much more challenging when there is water in the river. (The water did finally come on and NOW it feels like camp)!
Joni LOVES this house. She goes in and comes out and goes back in and closes the door and looks out the windows. She is getting so big, talking more and more, and has officially decided to walk instead of crawl.
This is Hadley in the house LAST year! It's funny but she looks kind of the same. She has grown she has to duck a little (and I do mean a little) to see out the windows.
Janet found Hadley like this one afternoon and when asked what she was doing, Hadley said, "I'm just sad." I guarantee that mood didn't last long when Nana came to the rescue!
Helping Dad mow....
Helping Dad ride the 4-wheeler.....
Not sure if there are pictures of the water table yet but it was Joni's birthday present from Nana and Papa. They LOVE it and when it was too cold for water, we put bird seed in it. One day I found Andy had put both girls in the water table to "swim" and we decided it was time to get a little pool for them. More pictures to come of that fun.
Only in Wyoming....
Here it is. The weather has been so warm (the other day it got up to 98!!!!) There have been many times when the girls just get in (with my permission) with their clothes on because it is so hot. They have fun!
One day during camp, it had been arranged that a fire-truck would come in and soak everyone. I was in the kitchen cooking and missed it but Hadley and all the campers saw it and enjoyed the cool water. That is Jordan (the director of camp) running through the water with Hadley. After it left, it was all she could talk about.
We love family!!! After Janet's family visited, Kemper's brothers and their families, and his mom from Worland came to see us too. Again, the time was too short but we had a blast!
Anna, Hadley, and Grant roasting marshmallows.
Today we head to Gillette to have MY grandma's 80 birthday celebration/family reunion. More pictures of that to come. Love to you all!

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