Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th and more

Well we had a wonderful 4th weekend in Gillette (post to come when I get all the pictures together) and now we are back at camp and enjoying the weather and the time not having to be in kitchen (although after being in there every day for a month, I miss it!) Here are more random fun times in the she isn't sun bathing....I think she may be watching a bug.
Watermelon is a favorite around here. This is actually watermelon and ketchup (also a favorite around here).
The Fish Hatchery up the hill has been closed for a number of years and just this month it OPENED! We used to take our campers up to feed the fish when Andy and I were counselors and so we were so bummed last year when we found out the girls wouldn't get to see the fish. Well, this year we did and they loved it.
Hadley likes to watch them and more than once asked if she could go swimming with them. Andy said yes and I said no :)
So these next pictures may take some explaining. The last night of the last camp we had a backwards meal. The kids ate dessert first and then had dinner. Well, dessert was "cupcakes" and a "cherry-topped tart."
For dinner we had "grilled cheese sandwiches" and "peas."
Well to their surprise the cupcakes were actually meatloaf topped with colored mashed potatoes (which Joni is enjoying despite the look on her face). The grilled cheese is pound cake and frosting and the peas were cut up green apple sour straws. The kids LOVED it (after they figured out what was going on).
I could NOT have pulled off the night without the help of Janet and Kemper. Thank you both so much for coming and helping and loving on our girls and we look forward to you spending a month with us next summer too :)
So as many of you know, CARS is Hadley's favorite movie and since we heard that CARS 2 was coming out, we knew that it would be Hadley's first big screen movie experience. She was so excited about going (even though she really wasn't sure what she was excited about---pretty sure our excitement was just rubbing off on her). It happened to be in 3D which wasn't ideal because she wouldn't leave her glasses on, but she had a good time and watched it anyways and when asked what movie she wants to watch at home now, she requests CARS 2.
The girls playing in a little toy box my mom found at a garage sale.
The last picture with Nana and Papa. *sniff* We miss and love you!
Hadley helped Andy cut his hair....he is a very trusting person :)
After we got back from Gillette on the 4th, we went to a lookout point not far from Story to see if we could see any fireworks being shot off out in the valley. What we didn't know is that the whole town of Story uses that look-out parking lot to shoot off their own fireworks and so we were front and center to a great (and free) show.
The girls and I helped Andy build a new ramp to the Game Room. I'm glad to say that even though we have girls, they sure aren't afraid of playing in dirt or wearing dirt...
or eating it.
Come visit us if you can. We have lots of beds and lots of chairs and Andy can grill a mean hamburger! Love to you all!

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