Monday, July 18, 2011

HP Restaurant and Mosquito Bites

The summer is over half-way done and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it before we head back to the heat and humidity. Only about 1 month left :( / :) The girls are loving it but every once in awhile ask about someone back home and it makes us want to be there too. We just feel so blessed to have the opportunity to "live" in 2 places at once. I'm sure once Andy graduates (December 2012 we think) we won't be able to have such flexibility! Again, we are enjoying this season in our lives. Now on to the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles all went on an Alaskan cruise in June (wish we could have gone) and my wonderful aunt got this stuff for the girls. They still sleep with their "Alaskas."
The big camp we had here for 2 weeks left this weekend and let us have a bunch of sand they were using in a sandbox. We put it in the girls' water table and it has been a hit. Hadley is sipping some "coffee."
So we have learned a number of things since being here.....Joni likes to get dirtier than Hadley ever did, when Hadley says she wants to go on a walk it really means she wants to be pushed in our new green $5 garage-sale stroller, Joni is one tough chickadee (and has the scratches, bumps, bruises, and her first bloody nose to prove it), and Hadley is REALLY allergic to mosquito bites. Two on her forearm resulted what you see below (this day it was actually better).
Andy told her to make an "owie" face for the picture. Poor girl.
Then on one of our walks Andy killed a mosquito biting her right under her eye. The next day, we woke up to Hadley looking like this (it was morning....hence the hair). She looked pretty rough for awhile but now we have purchased stock in bug spray so we should be good to go.
Sweet girl back to normal.
Joni spends hours playing outside in the playhouse. In and out and in out and around. Hadley only shows interest when Joni is playing in it which I'm realizing is true for many things.
Sweet girl.
This was taken before (and the reason for) the purchase of the kiddie pool.
And this is what happens when Nana and Papa leave and I get side-tracked in the kitchen.
Going for a Sunday drive :)
Andy took Hadley fishing for her first time in the river. They didn't catch anything or get any bites but Hadley really wants to go again.....a true fisher-girl.
One thing we have really been focusing on while we are here is making a permanent Frisbee Golf course for the camp. Andy has made new trails, we cut down some dead trees in the way, and we made these signs (wood-burning) for all the holes. The top has the number and the bottom has a map of where the next hole is.
Last but not least.....the Huber Pushcar Restaurant (HP---for Huber and Pushcar (that is my sister and her husband for those of you who were wondering what Pushcar meant) not Harry Potter for those HP fans out there--although if it stood for Harry Potter, Courtney and I would be happy with that too). So the HP Restaurant happens once a week when the 6 of us get together and make something that is challenging or takes awhile that you wouldn't normally make on just any old day. We had 6 weeks left when we thought of the idea and this past Saturday was the first "meeting" and we made steak and pierogies (a Lutz family favorite). Pierogies are mashed potatoes stuffed into dough and then boiled and fried in onions.....mmmmmmmmm so good!
Making the mashed potatoes.....
eating the mashed potatoes and rolling out the dough.....
putting the mashed potatoes into the dough.....
boiling and frying the pierogies.....
and eating the wonderfulness that are pierogies.....and steak.
We have the menus planned out for the next 5 weeks too so stay-tuned!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! Love to you all.

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