Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Days

Last week we had one crazy day filled with fun. First we went swimming with Aunt Courtney at the Sheridan pool (a great place---cheap and it has a water slide and a great kiddie pool). Then we met Sarah and Isaac Finkle (great friends of ours) for dinner at the park and ice cream for dessert. Let's just say that Hadley and Joni slept good that night AND took awesome naps the next day.
Joni learning how to jump in.
Going down the kiddie slide...she prefers the feet-first-on-your-tummy position.
Hadley went down this slide probably a dozen times. Andy is so excited because we think he has his roller-coaster rider...I'll go on some but not all. Hadley isn't scared of anything tall or fast.
Jo didn't mind it either.
You can't see it very well but Hadley's face is great in this picture.
Hadley and Grace doing her favorite thing.
She is going to be a rock-climber too.
Joni still needs a little practice!
So after dinner and ice cream and swimming and swinging all day, we had to go to the store then we headed back to camp.
HP Restaurant part II--Chicken Kiev and Artichokes. This is one of Andy's specialties and we love to eat it but it takes a really long time to make. First you have to pound out the chicken...
Then you make a seasoned butter mixture, harden it in the fridge, then roll it up in the chicken. Then you bread it and fry the outside....
then after all that it needs to bake too.
The artichokes steaming....
And the finished product. It was delicious as usual.
We only have 3 short weeks left here at camp and we are trying to make the most of it. Andy is going to be painting all the wooden decks on the buildings around camp which should keep him busy until we leave. I joined an online-quilting bee and am pumped for it to start! Love to you all!

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Stacey said...

Mmmmm. I love artichokes. My kids are terrified of water slides and our city pool is REALLY strict and won't let you go down with them. So they either go on their own or not at all.