Monday, April 4, 2011

Joni's Dedication

On March 27th, we had Joni dedicated at our church here in Louisville. Dedication is an opportunity for us as parents to commit to raise Joni in obedience to Jesus' commands and for our church family to come alongside us and keep us accountable in that commitment.
As you can see, Joni wasn't the only baby up there. We had 8 kiddos dedicated that morning. Everyone was all dressed up and looking fancy.
Here is the dress I got for Joni at Once Upon a Child for $3. She looked so sweet.
She's our happy girl, there is no denying it!
This is the best family picture we got with everyone all pretty. One of Hadley's friends is trying to make them smile so that's why they are both looking down. We are planning (very soon, Mom) to get some professional family pictures taken. We haven't had any professional ones taken of Joni since she was born. Must be that second child thing....bless her little cotton socks.
Listening to some tunes....not really, she just likes to play with these.
I have been trying to get a good picture of both girls standing next to each other so you can see that Jo is going to be taller than Hadley before we all know it. There is only a 5-pound difference in their weight (Hadley is still heavier, surprisingly), and Hadley can still fit into some of Joni's 18 month clothes. I have a feeling they are going to be sharing clothes until they leave for college.
Hadley saw I was taking pictures of her and quickly struck this pose. So sweet.
This was an early Easter gift from Oma and Opa. Hadley colored, glued, and glittered much to her enjoyment. We wanted to show Oma the final is now hanging on our living room wall!
And I know you have all been waiting for the Easter tree so here it is! Sad to think that it will come down the day after Easter.
Well as far as we know, we are headed back to Wyoming this summer! Yay and *sniff*. We are excited again to be close to family and friends but sad to be leaving everyone here again. Andy is thinking that we have a year and half left in Louisville (will be done in Dec 2012) and so this may be the last time we have the opportunity to do this. It's Spring Break this week so Andy is working even more than usual and faithfully taking care of us. Hope everyone is well and enjoying spring (or the middle of winter for you Wyoming folks :)) Love to you all!

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Hughes' said...

O- I love that little dress on her! She is sooo sweet! What a precious family! Megan- you are looking amazing!!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! Hey- when you get a chance, call me or email us an update if you would. Love you guys!!!!