Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green eggs and ...... mac and cheese

Hadley enjoyed her special St. Patrick's Day dinner. She had green eggs and green mac and cheese and green lettuce (which she actually likes) with green ranch. It looked awful but it must have tasted good because she ate it all and wanted more. Maybe I'll think of some other fun St. Patty's traditions for next year. It has been a week since we had that meal and on the way home from running errands our conversation went like this....
Me: We are going home to eat dinner.
Her: A special dinner?
Me: No, not really. Just dinner.
Her: Colored dinner? Green dinner?
Me: No, no colors tonight.
Her: No colors? Mama, I want a blue dinner.
Maybe for her birthday she can have blue eggs and blue mac and cheese and blue blueberries with blue fruit dip.
This was taken by Hadley...pretty good if you ask me.
Joni likes to be where the action is. When we eat dinner she is either standing next to one of us or here...
Sweet girls. Hadley wanted me to take this picture. So I did.
This is another outfit from my mom that we wore to the zoo last weekend. She just looks so cozy in it.
The seals and sea lions are relatively new to the zoo. The bear exhibit (polar and grizzly) opens at the end of April and we can't wait!
We tried to get a good picture of Joni and "Baby Jaguar" as Hadley calls it (from Diego) but it is hard to see him sleeping in the back. I guess we'll have to try again a different day.
We hope everything is well in your neighborhood! Love to you all.

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