Saturday, March 5, 2011

Children's Museum

Here are LOTS of pictures (mostly of Hadley running around playing) at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. We had a blast and would love to go back someday (maybe when it's free again!) I thought the outside was cool with the dinosaurs.
more dinosaurs.....
We got there really early because we knew it was going to be crazy packed. Here are the babies waiting to go in.
This is what they call the water clock. I didn't really get it (all the blue parts are water) but it looked neat.
So, we didn't know it at the time but 2 weeks prior to us going, the Dora exhibit opened. I thought Hadley was going to die when we told her. She loves Dora and this was her face (little nervous, little excited, little "why won't she talk to me")....I don't think she knew what to think....she was in's Dora!
Steering the boat that the Pirate Pigs have.
Here is Diego and Baby Jaguar. I think Hadley actually likes them better and was all about crawling on them like the kid in front of us was doing.
The rest of these are her playing in the Dora section. They had all kinds of fun things to do and play with.
For those of you who know nothing about Dora, she has friends (Diego is her cousin and has his own show). Isa always has a this is Isa's garden (fenced in and cushiony for the little folk).
Joni liked playing here.....I think mostly she was just excited about being out of the stroller.
More flowers.....
A beautiful butterfly....
The next section was all about Egypt. It was really neat....they had houses to go into (the one below is a village house and the next one is an apartment in the city), what it was like to go shopping, animals they have, etc.
at the marketplace....
This area was pretty much one big fun playground and so it was packed with kiddos.....and I mean packed. She would have stayed here all day (and you really could have with all the stuff they had to do). This is the sand pit (they also had a water one).
Lots of things to crawl on....
....and things to pretend with.
This section was giant and we went to it at the end of the day so there were lots and lots and lots of people in it. In fact, it was really hard to get a stroller around in it. We didn't stay long because it was about dinosaurs and Hadley is a girl but she had fun pretending to be a Archaeologist and digging up dinosaur bones.
Note the inscription on this bone. We thought it appropriate to take a picture.
The train section....she likes trains too....who knew?
This was a cool glass sculpture they had in the middle of the ramp going up to all the floors. Here we are under the whole thing and can look up and see the colors.
They even have this chair you sit on and it rotates so you can take it all in :)
This is what it looks like from the top.
The rest of these are just some other random ones we took. What a fun place (we call it the fun, fun, fun, fun, place since it is like our fun fun place, only bigger).
Yay.....good day!
If you looked through all those pictures then you deserve to not to have to read a bunch more! More to come! Love to you all!


Lee Ann said...

What a fun Children's Museum!! Glad you have fun things to do in your area.

Stacey said...

I love that place. You could spend all day there from open until close and still not see everything. Did you guys stay until close then get to parade out of the building? (That's how they make sure that everyone leaves) :)

The Ennists said...

Looks like a blast!! The one in Denver is not nearly that cool. Miss you guys!