Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Ya!

I know....don't you just want to eat her up. Andy gave the girls these little balloons for Valentine's Day and Jo was playing with one when I got this picture. I'm going to have to frame it.
So our dear friend Kelly Logan volunteered to babysit for us on Valentine's Day so Andy and I were able to institute the Valentine's Day Challenge. We started the date out at Q-Doba who was having a buy one get one free (burritos) if you kiss at the register deal. We stood in line for 35 minutes to order dinner for the next night (so good) and some chips and dip for our appetizer. Then we headed to Target.....oh yeah! We each had $5 and 30 minutes to find 3 things that the other person would like, then we picked the one we wanted from the 3 choices. It was so fun....and a little challenging (hence....Valentine's Day CHALLENGE). So after finding lots of good stuff, I walked away with a new utensil holder which I had been wanting for some time and Andy with Groundhog Day (great flick)! We are FOR SURE doing it again next year. We ended the evening sharing a plate of ribs at Applebees....good times!
We had one or two really nice days which were guessed it, SWINGING at the park. I am serious when I tell you that we went to the park at 11 to meet Andy for lunch around 12:15 and Hadley wanted to swing the entire time. She did get out a couple times but wanted to get right back in. It was also Jo's first time in the swing and I think she is going to be like her sister.....loving that swing.
such a happy girl.
Hadley is ALMOST potty-trained! She wears Dora underwear at home and hardly ever has accidents. She wears pull-ups when we leave the house and has been doing so well telling me if she has to go. She gets lots of M&Ms and cookies!
This is Joni playing peek a boo on the playground. She LOVES that game!
Anytime she wanted out of the swing (to be put right back in) I made her go down the slide first. She does love those slides too. She is definitely an outdoorsy, getting dirty, kind of girl. Andy is very happy about this.
This past weekend we headed north again to see Jon, Heather, and Nolan. The Children's Museum in Indianapolis is ranked as one of the best and Monday admission was free. So, we went up on Saturday and were able to spend some time with our dear friends. They have a puppy and Joni and Hadley are checking him out.
So Hadley found Jon's Halloween costume stash in one of the closets and we got them out to play. So great!
Hadley wanted part of the action too.
Sweet Nolan-boy. He is such a cutie and the girls (as in ours) love him. Love you guys!
Joni is eating less baby food now and more people food....she loves canned green beans (hated anything green that came in baby food jars) and whole bananas. Hadley also likes to share her Goldfish with Joni who doesn't mind one bit. Her second tooth is just about to pop through!
I'll dedicate one blog post to the museum since we took so many pictures there. In the meantime, hope everyone is well. Love to you all!

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Stacey said...

I love the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I grew up in Indy and the museum is one of our fav. past times. I took the kids there this last summer.