Saturday, February 5, 2011

we love nana and papa!

One more sister comparison....oh, look.....the same. This is how Joni woke up (and how I woke up) when we brought her to bed with us. Either both girls have cold feet and are using me as a heater or they enjoy it when I don't sleep :)
I know you have all been waiting with baited breath for the next picture........OUR VALENTINES TREE! Only 2 more decorating sessions to go before we put it away until the day after Thanksgiving :)
Now back to the reason for the title of this post. We DO love Nana and Papa but this week we loved them even more because they were here to play with us!!!! Yay! Janet and Kemper were supposed to fly to Egypt this week and if you have been following the news at all, you would know that the Egypt vacation was out of the question. After 5 hours on the phone and 23 different customer service people, Janet got the tickets and money refunded. So since they had 2 weeks off, where better to go on vacation than Louisville, KY to see grand-babies! They surprised me (Andy didn't tell me they were coming....told Hadley but not me) and spent a few nights with us. We went to the "Fun fun place" as Hadley calls it (Science Museum), had breakfast at Wild Eggs (so good), and went shopping to get Hadley new shoes (we all love that). They aren't staying with us the full 2 weeks (sniff), but promise to come back this way after their road trip to see us again before heading home next week.
Jo's favorite beads.
Can you guess where we are.....Wild Eggs for breakfast.
And at the mall....don't worry, it was empty.
So I know you all have been missing our zoo pictures :) but we got all bundled up and braved the 30 degree weather and did something fun outside before another snow storm hit....and yes I do mean another one. We have one at least once a week. We were three people of ten there that morning! THAT is how much we love the zoo :) It was nice not having to fight the crowds and I got some great close-ups too.
Every Wednesday has become "craft day" for Hadley. We make a picture for Nana and Papa and one for Oma and Opa and one for Daddy. She loves it and I love it so I think we'll keep it up. Here she is painting with dyed banana pudding. It was great, she made some awesome artwork and had a little snack :)
I make these taggies for new babies in the church and I kid you not....I went to answer the phone and came back and she had placed and pinned 3-4 ribbons just like I had been doing. I was so proud. (tear)
These next few are mostly for my mom who sent the girls a giant box of clothes after she hit a Once Upon a Child sale! They look so cute every single day.....and now with the new shoes too.....there are no words :) (yes those ARE horse tights that match the horse skirt you can't really see!)
Andy is back in the full swing of school and work and work and school. This first week wasn't too bad but we know that he is going to have to start studying too. The girls and I, of course, stay busy with something everyday but we love it. Joni is crawling (still army style) everywhere and is working very hard on pulling herself up. She said "mama" and "dada" last week too (first words---mama was first :)) Hope all is well in your part of the world and we are sending WARM thoughts your way! Love to you all!


Hughes' said...

Such a sweet, cute family!! We are hoping you are coming soon!?!

Stacey said...

Cute pics. I almost took my kids to the Zoo today, but it started raining and thought it might be just a bit too messy and wet. lol

Wyodaho Cardons said...

Thanks for posting so many cute pics! I love seeing you guys since we can't see you guys ;) I also got pretty confused when I saw the pic of Joni in bed with you. I thought, "Wait. I thought it was a picture of Hadley in bed like that." Haha!