Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Professional Haircut

I'm keeping on top of the blogging this month! Only a few pictures to share but we had some major events going on around here :) Below is a picture of Hadley in an Oma outfit. It was very appropriate for Valentines Day!
She does this often.....buckles herself in and all. It is somewhat humorous that she still fits so well. The only problem (or advantage) is that she can't get herself out and so I have to come to rescue. It is nice knowing exactly where she is and that she isn't getting into anything she shouldn't be. Besides, usually the only reason she wants out is so she can get back in and do the buckle again......silly girl.
Joni-girl watching while Hadley sits in her car seat and looking darling while doing it.
HADLEY'S FIRST HAIRCUT! My little baby is all grown up and getting her hair cut! Hadley was born with my wonderful hair that gets more and more fuzzy and frizzy the longer it gets. So, to shape it up a little, Nana and Papa and I took her to a kids hair cutting place in town and got her first professional haircut. They have cars instead of chairs (Hadley chose the princesses of course) and TVs to watch and toys to play with. It was so fun and took all of 10 minutes. She did great and now looks even cuter (if that was possible :))
Blowing bubbles to keep her hands occupied.
And the finished look. It is still long enough that I can put it in pigtails or a ponytail if we need to but she can also wear it down without it being all over the place. Such a big girl! Thanks again Nana and Papa!
Joni and Papa! Kemper and Janet came back through on their way home and spent a couple more nights with us. We miss them when they leave because we just have so much fun when they are here.....
we play games (notice the short hair)......
and go for walks.....
and get to dress-up in cute outfits to get our pictures taken. This was the morning they left....all ready for church and looking very Valentinesy.
Our two other big events have to do with Joni. She is growing up so fast....9 months already!!! This past week she started pulling herself up now everywhere I see her she is standing next to something....the coffee table, the chair, the toilet (I know...the door now stays shut). AND....she also got her first tooth! We knew it was coming and it finally popped through. She also enjoys real bananas and Kix (who knew). Only 3 short months and she'll be 1! So crazy! The weather has been slowly trying to warm up and we are looking forward to the heat when it gets here. Swings and slides....here we come! Love to you all!

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