Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

You know St. Patrick's Day really isn't THAT big a deal, except the fun game you get to play by wearing green that day. You don't get it off, lots of people don't know the exact day (the 17th), and as long as you have that green on your person somewhere, the day may be pretty uneventful. However, since Andy and I went on our Honeymoon in Ireland, we feel a special connection. In fact, when we have a house, with an extra couple of rooms here and there, we have enough stuff (from Ireland) to have an Ireland room. St. Patrick's Day usually just reminds me of Ireland and the fun times we had there, but I am trying to think of fun traditions we can start doing as a family to make the day more fun. So far though I but can only think of eating only green things that day and kissing something upside-down.....any suggestions?
March 4th is also our anniversary and this year we celebrated 5 YEARS! Where does the time go?!?! We didn't do anything too exciting (if you don't count eating) :) (We are going to an Easter Play put on by the giant church here in Louisville later in the month....supposed to be AMAZING!) I made this cheesecake for Andy (his favorite)....
and he made me......his other favorite, Prime Rib. His Grandpa Blair sends us one for Christmas and we save it for our Anniversary and it was SOOOOO good (thank you again GGP). Pre-seasoned and cooked to perfection....mmmmmm (we took a break from Weight Watchers that night).
Not sure if it's all 10 month olds or just mine but both girls loved pulling all the movies they can reach off these shelves. I was thinking about putting duct tape across the front of each shelf but may find I don't enjoy that idea when Andy and I want to watch a movie. For now I guess I'll have to continue with the "correct and redirect."
Cute girls in more cute clothes for my mom (from my mom :) )
Getting ready to go for a walk.
Another zoo day.
My little book-worms.
Joni turned 10 months yesterday. Where did my baby go? Hadley weights exactly 5 pounds more than her and Joni is wearing clothes that Hadley just outgrew. I'm guessing that Joni is going to be taller than her pretty soon too. She isn't standing or walking on her own yet, but she's close. Andy is about half-way through the semester and gearing up for spring break (yay!) Our cups runneth over yet again! God is good....all the time. Oh, don't forget to wear green on Thursday! :) Love to you all!

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Stacey said...

We don't do anything for St. Patricks day either except wear green. My mom and dad always made cornbeef and cabbage but Tony doesn't like that, and I'm not a huge fan either, so we never took on that tradition. :)