Wednesday, September 14, 2011

God is good!

We are back at the crazy schedules and fun goings on! We finally got all of our things unpacked and put away (below Jo is helping with that) and we are keeping busy with work, church, and weekly trips to the zoo and other outings!

The girls and I made a quick trip north to see Jon and Heather and sweet Nolan one weekend that Andy had a conference. This is the only picture I got before my battery died but it just so sweet.

And of course, we love the ZOO! There are 2 trips documented here but the same people are in them (Hadley's best little friends from church) so you may not even notice. The hippo (there was only 1, now there 2!) is ALWAYS hiding so you can never see him and this time it was right below us.

The giant turtles....who are also never visible and it is.

Posing in the props...

And finally.....THE BEARS! You know, the ones we have been to see 4 times but always seem to miss....we saw them, they do exist! Actually, they just got this baby polar bear and he was out and cute.

And they also have 3 grizzly bears (also have never seen) and they were awesome too. It was a good zoo day!

And last Friday was the annual Fall Festival the Seminary puts on every year as a welcome back to school party. This year's theme was Narnia (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and major motion pictures that have followed) and they went all out as usual. This sign says Kings Cross Railway Station (yes, also from Harry Potter as that was set in London as well).

Going through the wardrobe....

Through the coats....

To winter....

Mr. Tumnus!

So they had free Chick-fil-A (and fish and chips going with the London theme), 30 bouncy houses, as many sweets as you can think of (cotton candy, funnel cakes, Carmel apples, snow cones, you get the idea), and more.....this was Joni's first bouncy house experience.

The stone table....

And Turkish delight (which I have always wanted to try since I saw the movie and thought this version was "off" and now REALLY have a craving for the real thing).

Our little Queen of Narnia

And last but not least, Joni eating yogurt by herself. Not sure why I dressed her before I gave her the yogurt but she seemed to enjoy it!

Love to you all!

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Jody, Shaye, and Madelyn said...

Megan! The kids are adorable. Glad to see you are all doing well and they are growing soooo big!!!! x