Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rest of Halloween......

Here are the pumpkin carving pictures!  It was quick thing (after church before nap) but we did it and the girls had fun.
 EEEEEEYYOUUU (said in squeaky little Joni voice)
Eating lunch while Dad did the carving.  Hadley wanted a butterfly and a giraffe.  So we gave her the butterfly and Joni got a giraffe (which she loves). 
So my new favorite time waster is Pinterest (if you don't have extra time to spare don't go there)!  Anyways, I love it and I found these cupcakes I wanted to try for Halloween.  You cut the middle out and put in different colored frosting so when you cut it or bite into it you see a candy corn.  They turned out ok (tasted really good) but looked much better on Pinterest (which, for those of you who don't know, is a virtual pin-board online.  There are recipes, organization ideas, picture taking ideas, and on and on)!  Again, beware if you dare check it out how awesome it is.
I made the cupcakes for our church get together.  We ate delicious GUMBO (YUMMMMM) and then gathered together to learn how Halloween came about and why we should try to be the Light of the World at such a "dark" time.
Then the we sang some worship songs and the kids danced and played.
Our finished pumpkins.....Raise the Praise is my new remind myself and others to give God all the Glory because He is the only one that deserves it.
I don't know if you noticed but after staring at the pumpkins sitting on our coffee table for a week it finally hit me that the butterfly is upside-down.  It was a good thing it was time to throw them out because after I realized my mistake, it was rather bothersome to me.  :)
Our good friend Kelly Logan and I decorated a tree for the children's hospital in town.  You pick one up, decorate it however you want and then they sell all the trees.  The girls had fun playing.....
then we got down to business.  We went with the Western theme and it turned out stinkin' cute!
Take a walk down by the river.....more pictures of our Christmas photo shoot to come!
Love to you all!!!

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