Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Days

We took it a little easy after our vacation and enjoyed time with Andy before he headed back to school (this week actually).  We have been doing lots of things at home since it has been somewhat cold (although we have enjoyed some 60 degree weather recently).  They love this stool and I love this stool except when I break my toes on it in the middle of the night.  We might need to look into getting another one as they won't be able to share much longer (my toes don't agree).
Hadley and Joni both love to read (and being read to).  I'm always fascinated with the mental capacity of a 3 year old.  We get books from the library and read them a few times and Hadley can "read" them to Joni.  
Remember these.....a quillow (a quilt that folds into a pillow)?  I'm sure they are still around and I just haven't seen them.....the pillow pets are in now.  My Grandma Alice made this one for me years ago and I was folding it up the other day and the girls thought it was a sleeping bag so they jumped right in.
One of Nana's awesome Christmas presents for a cold day (which we had on a Saturday that we had nothing going on) was to build an Arabian Tent (all supplies included) and watch Aladdin.  Andy got busy making the tent and I headed to the kitchen and made ebelskivers for breakfast.  It was a fun, special, relaxing morning thanks to our Nana and Papa!
Eating breakfast in the tent....
and watching the movie.
Sweet sisters.
Then, if that wasn't enough fun, we decided to go ice skating.  It was Hadley's first ice skating experience and I think she may live my dream of being an olympic ice skating champion.  She and Andy were the only ones that skated because they didn't have skates small enough for Jo.  I won't say anything more expect watch the video below!  She watched some other girls "jumping" and had to try it.
Andy did take Jo out for a quick spin on her shoes.  She laughed the entire time!
And making some Valentines for the grandparents.  They love getting dirty!
Love to you all!

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Wyodaho Cardons said...

Love all of the pictures-- your girls are too cute! The video is AWESOME! I can't believe how well she can skate and jump!! Have a good week!