Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Excursion Time

The first day the girls, Andy and I got off the boat, we did something I have wanted to do my whole life....well maybe not my WHOLE life, but for at least 15 years.  First though, the cruise ship has photographers that go around and take pictures of you constantly, in hopes that you will buy the pictures they take.  The boat wheel was one such opportunity (I snapped a quick one too) as was the dolphin (not as good on my part).  
Here we are, boat and all.
Here it is friends, ATLANTIS.  That's it in the background.  It is a giant hotel and water park in Nassau full of aquariums and beaches and fun.  I have always just wanted to go look around to say that, "I have been there and looked around."  It was a dream come true.  :)
These are the doors to enter....
And some ceilings....
and the throne room.  (I have no idea....maybe King Triton?)
So, unfortunately you have to pay to see ANY of the beaches or aquariums but since I have the awesomest parents-in-law in the world, we got to go!  So much fun and the sea life was amazing!  
They had one touch tank that Hadley was all about....
They had some ginormous fish and sharks and sting rays.
And some tasty looking lobsters....
Love this picture....from under the water at the hotel...
Then after all the aquariums we walked around the grounds a little too.  It was a beautiful day.
Then we before we left, we decided it wouldn't be a trip to the Bahamas without some braids......
Hadley said it didn't hurt a bit.
The finished product (the next day).  
We road a water taxi back to the big big boat and had a little tour guide that told us some pretty interesting that these 2 bridges are the only way to get to Atlantis by car and that they cost A TON of money to build and that the water in the Bahamas is so clear because they have no industries  that dump into it......tourism is #1. 
Such an awesome day.  The next day, we went to the private beach that Norwegian owns.  Jo is staking out a spot before the crowds arrive....we were one of the first boats to get there.
Then some fun in the sun.  Hadley and Papa are headed to the ocean.
We got some snorkeling in too.
Pictures Andy and I took with our underwater camera.  
What Jo did some of the time....
what Hadley did some of the time.....
what Joni did the rest of the time.  She took the longest nap ever and did she ever need it!
and right before we left I snapped this one of the GIANT STORM that was headed our way.  Yes it was as dark and creepy as the picture makes it look.  Lots of lightening and thunder (really really close lightening) made for a fun boat ride back to the big big boat.
But a little/big storm wasn't enough to dampen anyones moods.  It was so fun and we are so thankful for Uncle Ben for letting us take such a sweet vacation!  Thanks HUBERS!
Love to you all!

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