Monday, June 18, 2012

Before Wyoming

Home again!  Before I get the other blogs up from our trip, we did some fun family things right before we left.  We realized that we have yet to be in Louisville for late May/early June (because we moved here in July and have been running Camp Story the past 2 summers) and there are fun things that go on during that time!  There was a street festival on one of the main streets we frequent..... 
 Besides being a super hot day, the girls had fun.  This van in actually a photo booth.  We told the girls to take some silly pictures which meant "stick out your tongue the entire time."  Fun day!
 HUBER'S!  There is a family owned farm in Indiana called Huber's!  We went with some dear friends to pick strawberries one day and I thought it was sooooo fun!  I seriously had more fun than the kids.  We get asked all the time if we related to the Huber's of Huber's Farms....I wish we were so I could live there and pick (and eat) strawberries (and other wonderful things) anytime I wanted.   
 The house the owners live in.
 Riding the tractor out to the strawberry fields.
 This is Kyle, his son Owen, his wife Paige, and their sweet new addition, Ethan.
 Picking some strawberries!
 And eating some strawberries....let me tell you, there is nothing quite like tasting a freshly picked fruit. We didn't eat more than we picked, but it was close :)
 Waiting for the tractor and having a snack.
 Sweet friends.
 This was an antique tractor for people who like old farm things, and a fun jungle gym for the kids.  Joni is showing her disapproval of not getting a turn yet. 
 No worries....she can drive a stationary tractor just as well as the rest of them.  :)
 And we ended the afternoon with some ice cream!  Fabulous day if I do say so myself.  And I was fabulous.  :)
 Good to the last drop.
 We had strawberries everywhere so we made strawberry smoothies,
strawberry oatmeal,
and I had my first ever canning adventure with strawberry jam.  It is SO good (my mouth is watering as I type this) but what wouldn't be with 2 cups of strawberries and 4 cups of sugar?
       And one more late May/early June thing we have missed out on until now.....LIGHTNING BUGS!  Again, something I am more excited about than anyone.  They are such an incredibly fun summer's night thing.  The girls weren't afraid of catching them and asked every night if we could go outside and find some.  The perfect bug.....slow, harmless, and glow in the dark.  Really?  There are no better bugs than these.
 We captured one of the jar to the right of the thumb.  Super super cool.
 More to come soon!  Love to you all!

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