Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Month Hadley

When my mom was here we decided to have a grandparents birthday celebration for Hadley.  My mother came bearing gifts (as usual) and I wanted her to get to see Hadley enjoy said gifts.  It worked out that Andy's parents also sent a sizeable package that arrived around the same time.  So with Nana and Papa on the computer and Oma in the living room, Hadley had her first (of many) birthday celebrations.  My mom found this little cake at the store that the girls shared.  
My mom the cat lover and Andy the dog lover often battle to get Hadley to choose one animal over the other.  Yesterday it was kitties, it will probably change tomorrow.  On the day that Nana asked Hadley what she wanted for her birthday, it was a puppy. 
While everyone else was watching Hadley enjoy her presents, Joni was enjoying the cake.
Nana was kind enough to send TWO puppies for Hadley.  It has worked out wonderfully that Hadley loves small things and has "claimed" the tiny one while Joni has attached herself to the big one.
My mom brought some great book readers with little programs for both girls.  Joni's let her touch the pages and do different things.  She loves it.
Hadley's "red thing" reads to her and came with lots of books (Disney, Christmas, Bible stories).   I am teaching Hadley some preschool things (mostly alphabet and numbers) and she has started to read some words.  She likes to follow along and will sit for hours "reading."  I remember doing the same thing with books and cassette tapes and asked my mom if she still had them.  She said she did and I was super excited and wanted her to send them on over until I realized we have no cassette player.  Another reason that Hadley's "red thing" is so fun.
For her birthday we wanted to get her a kitchen since she loves helping in ours so much.  Oma and Opa beat us to it and the first thing she did was make Dad some coffee and eggs.  It has been nice for Joni too.
We were super busy on Hadley's actual birthday so we didn't get to do much celebrating that day.  We had a big dinner in Kansas City that night so a super sweet family we have come to LOVE from our church took them for the evening.  They went horseback riding, looked for frogs in the pond, played with their dogs, went to McDonalds, to a volleyball game, and came home and watched movies.  What's not to love?  I don't think she missed us much.
The next day was our family day to celebrate!  We had rainbow pancakes for breakfast (thank you Pinterest)....
and then went to get Hadley's birthday present from us.  She has been asked for quite some time to get her ears pierced.  So we went....and she did!  She cried some but loves them now.  This is the smile before....
getting it done....
a few tears....
and the smile after.
And for dinner that night, her choice.  She wanted french toast, chicken nuggets, and Cheetos during family movie night.  A good day all in all. 
The next day, we left for Louisville see all our friends!  Andy was taking an alumni class about how to lead worship and so the whole family tagged along.  While we were there, we had a little party (theme: Book Swap) for Hadley with all her old friends.  We started with eating some pizza, then Andy took the kids aside and read them some oversized books I found at the library. 
I made cupcakes before we left for Louisville and brought them along.  Using images of popular books and some paper, staples, and toothpicks, I made little "books" for the cupcake toppers.
Then we did a version of a cake-walk and when the music stopped and your number was called, you got to go pick out a book to take home.  All the kids at the party had brought an old or new book with them and so everyone got to go home with a different book.  I think they enjoyed it.  Hadley loves her new dinosaur book. :)
"Happy Birthday Hadley!"
Now that Hadley's birthday month is over, we are getting ready for fall and all the fun that comes with the holidays. I hope this finds you all well.  Love to you all!

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