Saturday, August 3, 2013

June in Wyoming :)

Wow!  I'm so far behind!  Eeek!  I'll apologize early for not being as witty and entertaining as normal....this summer is flying by and we have so much happening.  We have the travel bug this summer....WY, AZ, TX, NM, MO, etc.  Our Lutz family fun began when Andy drove 35 youth to WV for a week and Courtney and Hunter flew here for girl (and cousin) time.  We picked her up at the airport at 11pm and the girls were not the least bit disappointed about not having to go to bed at a decent hour.
So our garden is like a forest....seriously, I'll take more pictures for the next post.  Anyways, with the plethora of basil we have and since Court and I love making things from scratch, we made basil pasta with alfredo sauce using the AWESOME new PASTA ATTACHMENT I got for my birthday from my AWESOME MOTHER-IN-LAW!  So fun....and delicious!
It was fun just hanging out with Courtney and Hunter.  So sad we don't live closer but I'm trying to convince them to move here :)
Our awesome neighbors gave us a pool when they got a new one and the girls (and everyone else) LOVED it!
After a couple of days of having fun,Then we got in the van and drove from Leavenworth to Cheyenne.  The kids did AMAZING!  Seriously, neither of us was prepared for that trip to go as great as it did.  Such a blessing!
Oh Jo.  Don't you just want to eat her up!?
Oma had some extra makeup and Hadley welcomed the gift with open arms.

Hunter is such a ham!  We laughed and laughed at (or with) him.  Such a cutie!
Oma and Opa kept us all busy with toys and games and outings.  The cats were enough to keep the girls going who I'm sure were relieved for a little peace when we left.

Dinner with the Brazzales one night was a blessing and a treat....sad Nick and Bec weren't there though.  Melinda and the girls made a little center-piece for the table.  Miss you all so!
Some splash park time in Cheyenne.

Since we went camping and Hadley and Andy caught those fish, Hadley has been talking non-stop about going fishing with Opa.  So we made an afternoon of it.  Together they caught about 15 fish!  She was so excited and had to show Oma each one and get a picture.  We kept 10 to take home and eat.  Love me a fish-fry!

Then she helped clean them....

and cut them up....
and fry em up.

She was even brave enough to try one.  I don't think she ever decided if she liked them or not but Joni sure did!  They were good!
Then we went and spent some time in Denver as a family.  The Pushcars came with us so we had so much fun.  Andy wasn't there but Ben was!  I love my family.

Hunter's first merry-go-round ride.  Hadley had to ride the dolphin....sounds like her mom.  :)
I had to get a picture of the girls with their uncles!  They have some cool uncles for sure!
And a refreshing snack for a hot day at the zoo.

We stayed in a hotel that night....

and the kids relaxed.  So cute fresh from the bath in their pjs.
The next morning Court and Shaun headed home (sniff) and the rest of us went to the Children's Museum.  It is much smaller than I remember and much busier too.  Kids everywhere!  Hadley and Joni like the vet room the best.  The only room they visited twice!

The bubble room.
This room was make something out of trash....oh and here's a saw and hammer and pointy scissors and giant nails for you to play with too.....not kidding!  Hadley thought it was awesome, me, not so much.

The fire fighter room.
And my favorite room....the grocery store/pizza kitchen.
Joni made a pizza, put it in the oven, and shared it with Opa.
Painting room....messy messy messy.
The girls would have staying forever so who can complain.  They loved it!  Andy flew to Denver to drive back with us and Ben picked him up and we all met at the best place in the whole world.  CASA BONITA!!!  OLE!  Our sweet friends Erich and Maureen met us there too.  Fun all around and just like I remembered it!  I'm sorry for those of you who aren't from WY or's a mexican restaurant with ok food but really cool ambience.  
Watching the puppet show.
Behind the waterfall.  
Watching the cliff divers.
And one of the girls when we got home.  Napping in style!
And last but not least....our newest family member.  This was not the adoption we have been referring to but she has already made a place in the family.  Her name is AZ (Arizona) and we got her from a Navajo Reservation in AZ we took a mission trip to last week.  More on the later.  As far as the Haiti adoption, still working on things.  Hopefully we will be more focused on getting things moving quicker when summer is over!  Keep praying for us!
If you made it this are awesome!  If you didn't, I don't blame you and love you just the same :)  Love to you all!


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