Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving in Branson

Well my husband is the best ever and let me decorate for Christmas before we went to Branson for Thanksgiving which is a big Huber no-no.  I will admit, I was sooo excited to come home and have it all done.
We met Andy's parents and his Uncle Lance (his Dad's youngest brother) and his family in Branson on Wednesday.  Janet and Kemper rented a really nice 2 bedroom condo...the kids played, we ate, and enjoyed every minute of our time.  Lance and Stephanie have 2 kids, Grant and Anna who are a little older than the girls.  They had fun playing together.  First thing on the agenda, face painting :)
 and some hand painting too.
Those are some super cute girls!

 The condo was attached to a small golf course and so we took a couple walks and the let the kids run off some energy in the nice weather we had.
 Practicing some cartwheels...
 We found these on our walk....this is ice and the water somehow came out of these plants like this.  So crazy and very cool.
 Anna and Hadley played so well together. 
 And Grant and Joni really connected too.  He was like a big brother, watching over her.  So so sweet.
The three lovely ladies...
Happy Thanksgiving!
After our after turkey induced naps, we all headed to Silver Dollar City to ride some rides and have some fun!  
A late night dog surrounded with spiral spuds....only at amusement parks :)
 Inside Grandpa's Fun was fun even though it gave you a headache.
 The whole gang.
One of the best things we did was go to the Sight and Sound theater and see the Christmas story.  It was amazing...real animals running up and down the aisles, great acting, wonderful singing, and the girls were riveted the whole show.  It was amazing and made me so thankful for a God who saves. 
 Drinking from some boot cups the condo had...they thought it was funny.
Playing all together outside.  So cute.
I love this picture because Hadley took it and she did a pretty good isn't blurry or anything :)
 Of the 3 families, we had the shortest distance to travel so Lance and Steph left early Saturday morning and Nana and Papa stayed around for a little while longer.....for some shopping :)
 After they left, we went back to Silver Dollar City to ride some more rides.  The tickets we had were good for 2 days and it was worth it.  The girls were so happy, the weather was gorgeous, and we still got home without it being too late.
It's that time of year again...when Oma goes Christmas dress shopping and blesses our socks off.  
 They love books....and we love that they love books.  
  Hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving.  Love to you all.

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