Sunday, January 11, 2015

Best of the Holidays

I'm working on an adoption post but wanted to get these up before too much more time passes....going all the way back to Thanksgiving folks!  We spent it in Salt Lake City, UT with Janet's family.  We hadn't seen Andy's grandpa since Joni was a baby so it was a much needed reunion!  Thanks to GGP (great-grandpa) for renting this house where we all ate and slept and hung out (but mostly ate).  
 One of the highlights (it was pretty high up there) was the bacon wrapped turkey.
And we celebrated Andy's cousin Elodie's birthday with a rainbow party...presents, games, crafts, and decorating rainbow cupcakes.  It was a hit :)
 Walk Through Bethlehem in December at our church this year brought over 1100 people.  Something we all look forward to every year.
The girls HAD to go play in our first snow (which didn't leave much).  When it was gone, Joni asked me when winter was going to be here.  I told her that technically winter is already here.  "No," she says, "when it snow winter going to be here?"  
 Our birthday cake for Jesus!
 It isn't December without Christmas dresses!
 or decorating Christmas cookies!
 Christmas day was spent at home (it was 50 degrees that day and so the girls got to try out their new bikes from Nana and Papa...and Uncle Ben got them cute little baskets and some wheel bling) and then with dear friends playing games.
 The top highlight of December...having my parents, sister, and nephew here (a new niece will join the family in March!).  We miss them all so much and so loved having them here.  We keep trying to convince them to move to Kansas but it hasn't worked yet.
 Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and that this new year has already been a blessing to you.  Love to you all!

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