Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Hadley!!!

My baby girl is growing up.  7 years of laughs and snuggles and loves.  Hadley requested her party be an "all grown-up girl party with fancy everything."  Can do.  A tea party it is.  We tried to go smaller this year (last year we had 45 people at the house) and it was so special.
She is into posing...not sure where she picked it up but as you will quickly be able to tell, she has mastered it.
Nana and Papa came to help and it was wonderful.
First things first, decorating tea-cupcakes.  We found these cupcake holders at Walmart and HAD to get them.  And they are silicone so they can be used as many times and we want!  Perfect for a tea party!

Then we place a few easy games...the girls had to find (hidden around the house) things you need for tea...a cup, saucer, tea bag, sugar cube, and spoon.  Hadley is posing with hers...
Then we played a sugar cube toss game.  Easier said than done although a few girls did it.  
And presents too...
Then they had to get ready for the tea party so inside the piñata were white gloves, tiaras, bracelets, pearl necklaces, fans, and rings.  We made a pull the string piñata since this is a tea party with sophisticated ladies and it would be completely unladylike to hit things with sticks.
Before they were "ready" for the party...
And after...
We had real tea in real tea cups and we serve some fruit, cheese and crackers, veggie pizzas, scones, yogurt parfaits, and cupcakes for dessert.
I found this on Pinterest and thought it turned out pretty good.  They had used a watermelon but there were no watermelons left at the end of September.  

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  And thanks to Nana and Papa for helping!  Love to you all!