Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Only 2 weeks left?!?!?! What happened to our summer? I guess time flies when you are having fun.....and we have been. We had about a month in there where we didn't have any camps scheduled that we had to be here for so we enjoyed spending time around Wyoming. Sheridan had their rodeo days and we went to the parade and then the girls and I went to visit family in Gillette---good to see you all Urbaniaks! We have also been LOVING being a family of four and trying to spend as much quality time as possible with each other before we head back to KY and Andy starts school and work and the rat race that is our life :) The first picture is one of my favorites of Joni (not so much of Hadley since she is playing with her armpit--she is still cute but not very lady-like :))Hadley has really turned into a great big sister. She loves playing with Joni and is getting better with being more gentle---she is learning that Joni can get hurt and that she will cry really loud and let Mommy know when she is being too rough.Trying to put her swimming suit on...."I do it!"Our cute little Joni girl who will be 3 months in a few days (so nuts). She is laughing now and sleeps most of the night....her first feeding is around 5:30 am....we have definitely been blessed by the Lord with good babies!Happy 4th of August. We received these outfits from one of Janet and Kemper's friends in Argentina....they were so cute!God made dirt and dirt don't hurt :) She is NOT afraid of getting dirty, or playing in the dirt, or eating dirt for that matter.
This Hadley and her new belt. We think she may have started a new fashion! These sunglasses are Velcro and so they actually stay on her eyes when she is wearing them. And since they are Velcro, she can easily take them off and wear them where she wants. She went around like this most of the day! We are so excited to see everyone in Louisville but are sad to be leaving camp and Sheridan and the cool weather here. We have had an amazing summer and hope yours have all been wonderful too! My parents are so great and are driving Andy and I back home next week. It will be a little easier saying good-bye to Wyoming since we are bringing them with us. Hope this finds everyone happy and well! Love to you all.

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Stacey said...

what cutie-pies. Joni is getting so big already and looks just like her big sister! Don't you love to watch your kids interact. That's always a favorite part of my day! Good luck on your drive back to KY.