Friday, September 3, 2010

Our last Story days

Where to begin? Well we made it back safe and sound to KY and still can't believe how fast the summer went. We had such an amazing time at Story and miss it already. I will post pictures of our trip back east (my parents came with us) but first to say good-bye to our home for 3 months. There are lots of random pictures here...Andy working, friends visiting, me sewing, and saying good-bye to Courtney and Shaun. First, Andy manly husband (minus the beard) got lots of things done around the camp....fixed air conditioners, cut down trees (look IN the tree), cleaned and organized 3 sheds, painted some windows, completely redid some screen doors, mowed and trimmed the trails, and every once in awhile....took a break.
While he was doing all that and when I wasn't cooking, I was sewing. I took a class at the Story Quilt Shop and made this....I have the material to make 3 more already.Our little Jo is already 4.5 months old! She is a character like her sister and is getting so fat (unlike her sister). She is very healthy and has been nicknamed Smiley Jo (she will smile at anyone who takes the time to talk to her....such a little blessing)!
We were also blessed by visitors who came to hang out with us when we didn't have any camps. The Browns and Poolers from Laramie and the Timbers (from Casper who used to be from Laramie) came for one weekend and we had a blast. The Browns and Timbers together have 7 boys (no girls) and so Hadley had fun chasing them around....or just stood back and watched them. They were in the river from the time they got up until they got in the car to leave (yes, with wet clothes on)!
We were able to spend more time with Sarah and Isaac and Grace and Will too before we left. Hadley loved "Wiw" and "Gace." They came to camp for a night and played in the river and tried out the hurdles. We also went to see them and Hadley enjoyed playing with all their fun things. Grace loves babies and so Jo and her got along great!
And last but not least we had an awesome time getting to see and spend time with my sister Courtney and her husband Shaun. They just bought an awesome house and we ended up spending many a night over there hanging out, playing games, watching movies, or having Wii competitions. This was one of our last nights there making pirogis (a favorite for Court and me). Andy and I also got a couple date nights in with free babysitting...can't beat that. We miss them so much already and hope that if we end up in Wyoming again, we won't be far away from them. Hadley loves her Aunt Courtney and Uncle Shaunie!
So, we are home sweet home and getting back into the swing of things in Louisville. Andy is well into this semester at school and loving it while working as the Head Lifeguard at the seminary pool. I'm trying to get our house together after being gone all summer and getting raise 2 wonderful girls. Our cups runneth over!!! Love to you all!

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Stacey said...

cute pics. glad you guys made it back safely!!