Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in the swing

Well we have started up our sight-seeing Saturdays again so look forward to fun pictures to come! I know you are excited :) In September, the zoo had a Storybook Day where characters from children's book were there. I have no idea who this cat is and Hadley didn't really like him either. This is as close as she would get without one of us.
This one is a little's a wild thing :)
And if you don't know who this is then you haven't read ANY children's books, or watched any TV, or left your house.....just kidding. The Cat in the Hat. Max the bunny (also no idea) and Lyle the Crocodile were also there but we didn't wait in line for the photo op.
Joni turns 5 months on Wednesday! So crazy. She is such good baby (except for that 4 am feeding which she doesn't really need but I like to sleep so give in to her every time)! We found an exer-saucer at a yard sale (even though we left 2 back in WY) and she loves being able to stand up and play. She is also turning into quite the little babbler. She has her mamamamas and bababababas down pat!
Visiting Dad at the pool and trying on all the necessary swimming gear. Hadley is not afraid of the water anymore and went off the diving board (into my arms) the other day for the first time!
The seminary has the annual "welcome back everyone" party with lots of free food and fun. This year they had 3 themes....Kentucky State Fair, Fort Knox, and Frontier Land. To kick of the party they had 3 professors sky dive onto a square in the middle of everyone......yeah it's a good time.
She wouldn't pet it, oh no....but give it a big wet kiss and get horse hair your mouth.....why not?
Jo enjoyed herself too.
The man in the white shirt is the president of the seminary and his wife is the lady in blue. They were handing out little rubber bracelets.
Here are some pictures of the other fun things we did when we went to Milwaukee in September. It was Joni's first airplane ride so I had to document it. They both did well on the plane too. Joni slept (or ate) and Hadley watched her beloved Cars.
The Milwaukee Discovery Center is right on the water and has lots of cool things to do (mostly for older kids---so Andy had a blast! :)) They have an entire ship rebuilt inside with a cargo hold and everything.
And we laid on a bed of nails.........we should join the circus :)
Trying on my shoes...sad to think that all too soon they'll fit.
We went to the park twice too. We had great weather except for the down pour while we had our picnic. Thanks to the tree we quickly pulled the picnic table under, we didn't get that wet.
And finally the last of the birthday pictures. Since her party was 2 days before her birthday, we saved the Dora couch so she could have something on her actual big day. My parents sent some stickers and a card too so she opened them too. Jo is also a fan of couch. One of them is usually sitting or laying on it....worth every penny.
My new favorite picture of the girls. Sisters through and through!
For lunch we went to Chick-fil-a for nuggets and ice-cream (see video below). Hadley loves the play-place even though she prefers not to go in the tunnels. We made pancakes for dinner (one of her favorite things). Not that she'll remember her 2nd birthday, but I think it was her best one so far!

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Lee Ann said...

I love the pictures. Joshua's second birthday was my favorite! It is sad to think that was over two and a half years ago!!! :(