Monday, November 1, 2010


It has almost been a month since our last post and my favorite time of year is finally here (October, November, and DECEMBER)! Yay! After Hadley's birthday celebrations wore off, we jumped right into the fall festivities around the town. We also did some fun family things, fun church things, and are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas...I can't wait! Joni loved the balloons from Hadley's birthday. They can be quite mesmerizing I suppose.

One of our Saturdays, Andy decided we should go do something fun together out of the house as a family. We went to Fun Dome....a blow-up bouncy castle place with a mini-golf area, and a huge area for little kiddos under 3. Hadley LOVED it there and proceeded to throw a little fit when we had to leave. Needless to say, we'll have to go back sometime soon.

Something else we had been looking forward to is the Halloween Party at the Zoo. We were able to go for free because of our membership and so we fought the crowds and got the kids dolled up in their outfits even though it had been 90 that day and was still warm out. Anyways, we had fun and Hadley got some candy too :) She was a ladybug and Joni is a watermelon/strawberry....the consensus is still out. Andy and I tried to tie the theme together by being a picnic (hence the green shirts with the table setting).

They had "stations" at the zoo to take pictures with people....this was the Hero section. There was also Toy Story, Candy Land, Wizard of Oz, Shrek, and more. If you wanted to wait in line (for a really really long time) to get pictures with the characters you could, or you could go around and get through the rest of it (which we did except for the Wizard of Oz).

Joni as Wonder Woman

Watching a movie....I can't tell which one but chances are it is probably CARS. I just liked the way she was sitting.

We still visit Dad at the pool when we can. This was the first time Joni had been in (here in KY) and she just had a ball splashing around. Getting 2 kids showered and dressed by yourself though is a whole new chore :)

Here is the little fruit! I loved this made her already chubby cheeks even cuter! This was taken at our the Fall Festival our church put on. It is for the neighborhood folks to come and have a free meal, get some candy at the trunk or treat, and have a good (and safe) time. On a side note, we also had a chili contest (13 entries) and I WON! So crazy since I have never won any kind of food contest EVER--I don't think I have ever entered any kind of food contest EVER. I made white chicken chili (the only white chili) which helped since it was only one of its "kind."

Precious little girl. We had her late 4 month early 6 month check on Friday and she is still 14 lbs and 24 inches (50th percentile for both). I don't know Hadley stats from that time but I can guarantee, they were a lot less than that (she has always been and continues to be 10-15th percentile---but one healthy little peanut).

We got her this monkey backpack (which doubles as a safety harness for busy places when we go) and she wears it around the house often. The tail just cracks me up when she walks from room to room with it on.

Our pastor's kids came over to play one day when their mom had an emergency C-section (both are doing well). I thought it was funny...sitting on all Hadley's furniture watching Veggie Tales.

Then they played outside and we took some pictures. This one looks like a GAP kids ad or something.

Joni was enjoying the nice day too.

She is getting so big. We tired the ol' rice cereal the other day for the first time. She definitely liked it better than Hadley did but is still getting used to the texture. I'm still hoping that Jo will be a better eater than Had.

After bath time.

Finally some pumpkin carving. We only bought one this year but Hadley enjoyed herself. Since it was Joni's first Halloween, we dedicated the pumpkin to her.

Looking inside and afraid to touch the guts.

Our last picture of Hadley in the pumpkin (she is getting a bit old for this). Click here to see previous pictures of Hadley in a pumpkin.

Little sisters. Hadley was watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Jo grabbed her cute. They stayed liked this for a little while too.

Jo getting in on the fun too.

And getting in on the not so much fun stuff. She didn't like this as you can tell and wasn't as much of a trooper as her sister was on her first Halloween.

Happy 1st Halloween/Reformation Day Joni-girl!


Hughes' said...

Soooo many cute pictures!! I loved the Halloween costumes! Cant wait to see you guys soon!

Stacey said...

Hadley's costume was the same as Tess'! So cute. My vote is watermelon because of the seeds like they are, but I could be wrong! Looks like you guys are having fun! Cute pics. Love the pumpkins.