Monday, November 15, 2010

Sightseeing Saturdays are back!

Sightseeing Saturday time! Andy and I "won" tickets to the Creation Museum at a silent auction we had at our church last spring. By "won" I mean, we bid the highest and paid for them but it worked out to be about 50% off the regular price. We invited our wonderful friends the Hughes' to join us and we had an amazing trip. For those of you who have never heard about it (we hadn't until we moved here) the Creation Museum is well a museum that gives evidence and "proof" if you will that the world was CREATED and that it didn't EVOLVE. They have big dinosaur replicas, explanations about flood, videos and movies, lots of exhibits all showing that the only possible way the world came into being was that it had to have been made by a creator....GOD! I'll admit, there was a lot of reading and it was hard to read everything with a 2 year old running about, but she didn't complain all day and enjoyed it too!

If you look really close, you'll see the "serpent" in the tree. They started with creation and then told the story of Adam and Eve, the Fall, and then the flood.

So I missed this whole part because Jo had a major blow-out and I had to go change her but this dinosaur moves (and not too jerky and unrealistic at that). Anyhow, once she was past it, this is as close as she would get to the thing. I don't blame her!

They were having a show about snakes when we were there too and this guy was promoting the show (so spend more money to touch these!) Yeah right...although Hadley was all about it. She likes snakes apparently and when petting it made the face she makes when she is petting a cute little kitten or cute little puppy. I see nothing "cute" about this snake but different strokes for different folks I guess.

This is darling little Nolan. He is getting so big! He and Jo get along just great and apparently are in cahoots with having to get their diapers changed at inopportune times. It's o.k. though because they are so darn cute!

These next two pictures are the ones they take when you get there that they want you to buy later for $129 for an 8 x 10. Andy just took a picture of the computer screen when the guy wasn't looking. They are actually pretty funny.

Not sure what a petting zoo has to do with the Creation Museum (there was only one of each animal there so the Noah's Ark thing is out) but anyways, it was fun for Hadley and Nolan and Jo. We spent a whole 25 cents so Hadley could feed the animals. Again, not afraid of germs or getting her hand bitten off.

Sweet Nolan petting the cow.

I on the other hand wasn't sure this gigantic animal wasn't about to eat me....or spit on me for that matter....hence the no smiling face and the take-the-picture-quick look.

It was a wonderful family outing with fantastic friends! Thanks for coming guys. Below is Hadley reading to Joni. I'm never usually quick enough to get them in the act, but this was an exception.

And this is what happens when I'm not home and Andy watches the girls. It is actually pretty funny and I laughed when I saw the pictures but it makes me wonder what else happens when I'm not here that they DON'T take pictures of :)

She obviously really cared a lot that she had stickers all over her face.

Andy told her to take them off of Jo, so naturally this is where they belong! :)

Hope everyone is well and happy. We are happy and mostly well (trying to get rid of the crud I've had going on 4 weeks now) but we are still and always counting our blessings. Love to you all!


Hughes' said...

We had such a great time with you guys! Thanks for the invite! Can't wait for New Years now!

Casey said...

Great pictures! Your girls are getting so big! We've been to the Creation Museum once and loved it...though it might be a while til we take Callie (if we're still even living in the area).

Loved the pictures of the stickers all over Joni's face and Hadley's belly! Made me laugh! :)