Thursday, August 11, 2011

Car Wash and Cleaning

Where did this summer go? We only have a week and a half left in WY and then home again home again jiggty-jig. The girls are excited (and so are we) to see their friends again and our "big house" as Hadley calls it. We have spent many a day at the library here in Story. We never went in Louisville but will need to now that Hadley has the "book bug." She loves to read and has a few books memorized word for word and likes "reading" them to Joni (who likes listening).
Last week Andy decided to wash the car himself and so we made it a family fun event. There was a hole in the hose that Joni thought was awesome and so she was soaked before we even started.
And this is the look she gave Andy when he sprayed her with said hose. She has the glare down and we are working on "happy faces" so her eyebrows don't get stuck like that.
Andy washed, Hadley helped (kind of), Joni played in the water, and I had the awesome job of scraping the tree sap off the hood.
Hadley helping....
Joni playing...
After our car was finished, Hadley decided that McQueen needed a cleaning too.
There isn't much sidewalk up in the mountains but we do have some concrete steps going into the cabin that work great for sidewalk chalk.
We went Cheyenne last weekend for a Hands in Harmony reunion and my sister wanted to go to the mall so the girls got to play in the play place they have there (a really really awesome one actually). Louisville has 3 malls and no kid play areas!
She is a climber, that is for sure!
Playing dress-up :) This is Snow White for those of you who don't have your Disney Princesses down.
And then checking herself out.
Back to the Hands reunion. Courtney and I were both in a sign-language performance group when we were in Junior High/High School. The group itself has been around for 25 years and so they had a fund-raising reunion last weekend that Courtney and I went to. They played all the old songs and Courtney remembered them (being in the group 5 years longer than me helped). I on the other hand didn't remember the signs and choreography to many (my excuse--it's been 12 years!)
The old hang-out group. It was great to see everyone and laugh about all the good old times we had together.
Martha, our wonderful leader. She has been doing this a long time (25 years to be exact) and it is no easy feat.
When the girls were little-little the vacuum was a thing to run in fear from. Now, it is one of their favorite toys.
We are going to Steamboat this weekend for a wedding and then we leave next Friday. I'm not sure I'm ready to get back to a fixed and busy is so relaxed here. Andy has been reading his plethora of books for this semester and we are sorting and packing and getting ready to head out. Soon and very soon! Love to you all!

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