Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Summer Fun

Updating the blog every week has been fun. I know that when we get back to Louisville we will be posting more zoo and swinging pictures so the variety this summer has been great.
Joni just looked so cute and small sitting in this chair at Shaun and Courtney's house. Put some food in front of her and she is good to go!
Playing in the creek. I was trying to get a good picture of the three of them because they were all wearing orange shirts that day....easier said than done.
You can kind of see the water that I am splashing Hadley with....she loved this game....get wet and run.
And jumping off the rock into the creek....
Last weekend we went to Dayton (a tiny town north of Sheridan) where Sarah and Isaac live. They were having Dayton Days and so we went to see the parade and had fun at the park where all the festivities were happening, and we got to spend time with wonderful friends. This is Grace's pink mustang that was a huge it. Hadley took a spin with Will.
Then Joni rode along with Grace.
Everyone is ready, sitting in the shade, waiting for the parade to start. All three girls made out great with a bag full of candy each. We love small-town-candy-throwing parades!
The transportation to the park.....the girl on the left is another one of Grace's friends.
They had face-painting, lots of good bad-for-you food (Indian Tacos and shaved ice....yum), and other goings on.
Mini-golf for the kiddos. Hadley got a hole-in-one but she may have picked up the ball with her hand and placed it right next to the hole and then hit it in.
And this is what the ride home looks like. It was such a fun day though!
Hadley found the hair-bow container and helped herself. Then she thought Joni should have some too.
Playing at the park while Dad ran some errands.
We head to Cheyenne on Friday to see my mom for a couple of days then only 2 weeks left! :) :( Love to you all!


Stacey said...

Great pics. Isn't crazy there is only two weeks left of Summer? Here too. Kids go back to school the 15th. :(

Becca said...

Looks like a good time is being had up there! Please sit in the warm sun for me for a few moments...