Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Hadley....the big #3

I have been a mother for 3 years and they have been the best 3 years of my life!  What a joy, what a blessing, what a sweet gift God has given us!  We started off her actual birthday with blueberry pancakes (her favorite breakfast) and I made it in the shape of a kitty which she loved.
We played and watched movies and then for lunch we went to Chick-fil-a for some chicken nuggets (her favorite lunch) and an ice cream cone.  Then, of course, to play in the play land which is always a good time, and even better when it's your birthday and you are wearing a bright pink "Today's my birthday!" ribbon.
That night I had to go to a bible study (which I normally take the girls to) and Andy had to go to a worship team meeting with a big group from church where all Hadley's friends were so he took the girls and I made some cupcakes to send with them so even though I wasn't there I was still kind of there.  Hadley had a Tangled/Cars (her 2 all time favorite movies) birthday party (see below) so I made these with the same theme.  The suns are from Tangled....and they were a huge hit :)
After I got home from bible study (and Joni was in bed) we let Hadley open all the presents that had come in the mail....she is one loved little lady!  Thanks Grandma and Granddad, Oma and Opa, and GGP, Gramma Alice and Grandma Huber for the awesome presents and cards!!!
A Dora sticker book from Oma and Opa (with over 700 stickers)!
And from us.....a tool set compete with a power screwdriver!  I know she's a girl but this summer she was daddy's little helper always hammering and fixing stuff so we thought this appropriate and it was a big hit!
Getting ready for Nana and Papa to come visit...
And they made it!  These are from Uncle Ben who is currently working on a cruise ship in Hawaii.  They danced and twirled and looked darn cute doing it!
They got Hadley this tea set which she shared with Joni....who loved it.
And a Tangled doll that came with a little easel and pictures that you paint with water....
And here Hadley is "painting" Joni's foot with water.....
Then this past Monday we had a birthday party for her with her friends and Nana and Papa.  To get ready for the big day, we went and got hair cuts again.  This was Joni's first one so we had to document it.  
Opening a present from Jon and Heather before the party....a cutting board and food!  She played and played with one at their house when we visited and it was a great present!  She loves it (as does Joni) guys!  Thanks so so so much!
And the Tangled/Cars cake I made for the party.
I also made some cupcakes and some white-wall tires (store-bought chocolate doughnuts with a ring of white frosting).
Blowing out the candles.....for those of you who haven't seen the movie, the cast-iron skillet is the weapon of choice for many characters, hence the reason I made the cake IN the skillet.
The sweet birthday girl enjoying her cupcake.
The kids eating area....
I was nervous about inviting so many people to the party since our living room isn't exactly large but we all fit and had a wonderful time.
Hadley loved all her presents...
And opened all the cards too....
It was a wonderful 3rd birthday month.  Thanks to all our thoughtful friends and family for making Hadley's birthday so special!  It was a blessing having Nana and Papa here to celebrate with us and in a couple week the girls and I are going to TX (where Nana and Papa just moved) to visit some more.  While Nana was here (and something for you to look forward to) she made Hadley a Tangled (Rapunzel) dress for Halloween and Joni is going to be her chameleon, Pascal!  Can't wait to get them all dressed up! Love to you all!


Sandra said...

Aww, Megan, I love how much you put into her special day! I am seriously impressed with all your cakes and cupcakes (I love that you baked the Rapunzel one in a skillet!). They were great! And the picture of the girls in the grass skirts is just SO cute! Happy birthday to Hadley! I hope someday I can meet your beautiful family. :)

The Ennists said...

Your girls are adorable Megan! I LOVE the cake. Who would have thought to put Cars and Tangled together!:-) You are one creative lady and we miss you so much around here. I can't believe Miss Hadley is 3 already! Time goes by so fast!