Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween things Part 1

Zoo again, zoo again, jiggity-jig.  We love it there so no complaints here (outdoors, exercise, and entertainment....what more could you ask for)?  We went while Nana and Papa were here for Hadley's birthday, then the day after they left we went back for the "World's Biggest Halloween Party" so the girls could rock their new awesome costumes courtesy of Nana!

I love this picture.....Nana and Papa with their sweet girls going to look at the tiger who you can see through the great.
The baby polar bear (1 of 2 now).....I get really excited to see him but the girls really could care less....they like the fish and the bats (I know, don't ask me) and the monkeys.
So I'm not sure if I updated everyone on my new hobby via blog but I have been "dieting" for awhile and there have been 2 opportunities to walk/run in some 5Ks around town.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not hard core (stretching or running a practice lap before the race even starts) but it is fun and really good exercise. I push the girls in the stroller with all our stuff and we have fun.  The first one I did alone and the second one my AWESOME friend Paige went with me and brought her adorable son Owen and I had a blast!  Much much more fun when you can fellowship....3.1 miles seems much shorter.  
Hadley at the finish line.  I came in at 51 minutes for the 1st race and was TOTALLY PUMPED with this time (44 minuets).  However, I found a friend later that informed me that it wasn't quite a 5K and so everyone had a really good time....oh well....still fun!
After the race they had a mini carnival for the kids.  Joni has dots, Hadley is a butterfly, and Owen is a puppy.
The Halloween party at the zoo is only on the weekends but all the decorations were out when we went with Nana and Papa so we took a couple shots without the costume.

And here they are......the cutest Rapunzel and Pascal you have ever seen!
You don't go to the zoo Halloween party to see the animals (you see none).....the main point is to get candy (safely) and to wait in really long lines to take pictures with people dressed as characters you love.  We heard "Oh!  Look at that pretty Rapunzel and her long hair and her dragon/lizard," a lot.  He (Pascal) is a chameleon but it is an easy mistake to make :)
We have had a couple of really nice days and have had lots of time to play outside.  We are excited for the holidays and fall and winter too, but it has been nice to get out and about.
The girls and I are flying (just the 3 of us) to TX on Thursday so start praying now if you don't mind for wonderfully behaved girls, a calm mommy, quick smooth flights, easily found connecting gates, and understanding co-passengers.  We are excited so see Nana and Papa again and will have more pictures of our adventures soon!  Love to you all!


Casey said...

omg! adorable costumes! such cute girls!!! :)

Hughes' said...

I love the costumes too!! :) Soooo cute! I will be praying for you Meg- I feel pain! :)