Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wyoming Weather

I have heard for years that if you don't like the weather in Wyoming, wait 10 minutes.  Well, with our crazy weather around here, it feels like home.  We had tornadoes one day, it snowed our first real big snow of the winter 2 days later, and yesterday was 70 degrees.  We aren't complaining (except about the tornadoes....they are one of my all time least favorite things) and are enjoying time outside sun or snow.    
Hadley's attempt to roll down the hill.  Said the grass was poking and decided to join her sister in a game of golf instead.
Our wonderful friends came down for a quick visit last weekend (left a day later due the tornadoes).  We had a fantastic time as usual....not doing anything too exciting except being able to fellowship.  The kids (they have Nolan and sweet baby Ainsley (only 4 weeks old who I somehow didn't get a picture of....sad)) played and enjoyed each other's company.
Going for walk.
Throwing rocks in the river.
They were watching a movie and having a snack and Joni was playing with Nolan's hair and he was loving it.  It was so sweet.
The weekend went by WAY too fast but we love having them close we are already planning a future trip.  And the night they left it starting snowing and the next morning we woke up to this.  It was very wet and we had to be somewhere early but the girls were able to play a little bit.
Her poor baby with no clothes on was soaked.  They love their babies!
Notice Joni has her baby too....also soaked.
Eating it....of course....Hadley loves eating snow.  I think she wants it to snow just so she can eat it.  In fact, we have to really watch her around "dirty" brown snow that is waiting to melt away because she would eat that too.  It snowed Monday and it is long gone with 2 days of 70 degree weather.  We wore capris and short sleeve shirts yesterday and summer is so close I can taste it (and it isn't wet and cold)!
We are looking forward to taking a cruise in April for spring break with the Huber clan.  Uncle Ben is going to be with us and we can't wait.  The seven of us haven't been together in a really long time!!  As I type this I'm trying to remember when that would have been and can' it must be a really long time.  Andy has been sending applications out and we are totally unsure where the Lord is leading us when he finishes in August.  It is so exciting!!!  On a side note, please keep the tornado victims in your prayers.  We had the opportunity to take supplies up to Henryville, IN (only 19 miles north of us and one of the worst hit) and the devastation is unreal.  You see the pictures on TV but you just can't imagine what it looks like in person.  We hope and pray that you and yours are well.  Love to you all!  

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