Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Patty's Day (squeemish beware.....just kidding)'s been a little bit since I updated.  There will be many picture taking opportunities in the near future with our cruise with Andy's family coming up and Joni turning 2 soon!  I can't believe she is 2!  Crazy. She is so sweet and easy going, talking up a storm, and has almost caught up with Hadley in size.  In fact, they are starting to share clothes!    
Joni loves the zoo as much as her sister does so we have been going often (went today in fact....those pictures to come later).  We have realized that earlier is better because of the heat.  If it is hot at 10 when it opens, then it will be really hot at noon when we leave.
So since St. Patrick's Day this year was on a Saturday, we spent the day as a family eating green things and doing "special things."  We started off the morning with green yogurt, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and milk.  
Joni thought it was good.  :)
As did Hadley.  They get totally into it which makes it more fun for us too.
Then we made some St. Patrick's Day crafts for the grandparents since we hadn't yet.  These are still sitting on my table sorry everyone....soon and very soon!  Andy helped them with the cutting out shamrocks (with 3 leaves) as we talked about the Trinity....Father, Son, and Holy Spirit....
and then we made shamrock stamps using green bell peppers cut in half.  Much more messy.
Then for our special family outing we went to a U of L baseball game which are free (except when they play Kentucky).  It was really fun (maybe not so much for the girls) and we plan on doing it again.
What Hadley did most of the time....
They threw some bags of peanuts to the crowd and unbeknownst to myself, my girls love to shell and eat peanuts!  Maybe it was just the environment, baseball game and all, or maybe they just really love peanuts.  Either way, they were occupied and enjoying themselves.   
For dinner we had green ham and scalloped potatos, green beans, and green applesauce.  SO GOOD!  :)
She is making a face that says otherwise but she really did like it.  
So I know I have mentioned Pinterest before and how awesome it is.  I spend entirely too much time on that site but where else are you going to find a recipe for these little bits of awesomeness?  You make chocolate chip cookie dough and press it on the bottom of a pan, then you place a package of double-stuffed oreos on top of that AND THEN you make a batch of brownies, pour that over the oreos and bake it.  Yes, they are totally wonderful and wonderfully low-fat :)  Joni knows whats good!
Oma and Opa and Nana and Papa are much better about sending things than I am.  They each sent fantastic spring gift boxes.  These are from Oma and Opa....candy necklace kits.  Huge hit!
Showing off her finished product....
Say cheese!
We took a walk up the street to ice-cream shop and had a little treat.
And then came home and planted some flowers for spring.  :)  We are having fun enjoying what might be our last spring/summer in Louisville!  
Love to you all!

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Meredith said...

I see a precious little guy in your pics who enjoyed Green food with y'all! He's the mysterious extra Huber child. HA